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Using Fluorescent Microscopy Method to Study Subsurface Defects in Nd-Doped Phosphate Laser Glasses

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For N31 and N41 Nd-doped phosphate glasses with strong multiband absorption and emission, Rhodamine 6G (R6G) is chosen as the fluorescence label to realize high resolution two dimensional observation of subsurface defects (SSD) in these glasses under wide field microscopy, as the excitation and emission bands of R6G are different from the emission and excitation bands of Nd-doped phosphate laser glass respectively. It is demonstrated that the detected defects are classified as SSD by comparing the R6G fluorescence microscopy images and related optical microscopy images. The transformation of SSD during polishing process is analyzed according to related R6G fluorescence microscopy detection results. The results show that the crescent cracks which are near the tail end of deep Median type cracks are comparatively hard to be removed in the Nd-doped phosphate glass. These crescent cracks may induce strong modification to the incident optical field, and relatively increase the probability of laser induced surface damage.









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王威:中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所高功率激光单元研发中心, 上海 201800中国科学院大学, 北京 100049
张磊:中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所高功率激光单元研发中心, 上海 201800
冯素雅:中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所高功率激光单元研发中心, 上海 201800
陈伟:中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所高功率激光单元研发中心, 上海 201800
胡丽丽:中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所高功率激光单元研发中心, 上海 201800



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