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Solar Concentrator Mirror Unit Supporting-Adjusting Structure and Posture Alignment

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为了实现聚光器镜面单元安装误差的快速校准, 设计了一种螺纹副与球铰副组合的镜面单元支撑-调节结构, 该结构可以实现调节量的准确控制。提出了镜面单元位姿(轴线矢量和顶点位置)的快速测量方法和轴线矢量位姿误差的定量校准方法。首先, 应用摄影测量方法确定镜面单元表面的3个特征点(构成三角形)坐标, 建立镜面单元位姿、球铰中心与特征点坐标三者关联的数学模型, 实现镜面单元位姿的快速测量。然后, 结合镜面单元的调焦过程, 提出“三转一移”刚体运动(3次绕轴旋转和1次平移)来等效镜面位姿误差, 建立镜面单元位姿与螺栓调节量的关联模型, 实现镜面单元轴线矢量误差的定量校准。通过SolidWorks软件建立的虚拟调焦实验和室内的金属平板位姿调节实验, 验证了本设计的镜面单元支撑-调节结构的便捷性, 以及轴线矢量定量校准方法的有效性。提出的镜面单元校准方法不受反射镜几何形状的限制, 具有广泛的适用性。


In order to achieve fast error alignment in concentrator mirror unit installation, a mirror unit supporting-adjusting structure consists of threaded vice and ball joint is designed to precisely control the adjusting amount. A fast measurement method of mirror unit posture (axis vector and vertex position) and a quantitative alignment method of axis vector posture error are proposed. Firstly, the photogrammetry method is applied to determine the three feature points (construct a triangle) coordinates in the mirror unit surface. Then, an association mathematical model of the ball joint center coordinates, the mirror unit posture, and the feature points coordinates is established to achieve fast measurement of the mirror unit posture. After that, combined with the mirror unit alignment process, we propose the “three rotational-one moving” rigid body motion (three rotate around axis and one moving) to equate the mirror posture error. The mirror unit posture associated with the bolt adjusting quantity model is established to achieve the quantitative alignment of mirror unit axis vector error. Finally, the convenience of the mirror unit supporting-adjusting structure and the effectiveness of the axis vector quantity alignment method are verified by the virtual alignment experiment established by SolidWorks software and metal flat surface posture alignment experiment in door. The proposed mirror unit alignment method is not restricted by the reflector geometry and it has extensive applicability.









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颜 健:湖南科技大学机械设备健康维护湖南省重点实验室, 湖南 湘潭 411201
彭佑多:湖南科技大学机械设备健康维护湖南省重点实验室, 湖南 湘潭 411201
程自然:湖南科技大学机械设备健康维护湖南省重点实验室, 湖南 湘潭 411201
谭新华:湘电集团太阳能事业部, 湖南 湘潭 411101


备注:颜 健(1988-), 男, 博士研究生, 主要从事太阳能光热发电系统光机热多场耦合协同优化方面的研究。

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