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Reduction of crosstalk between TFT-LCD and capacitive touch panel

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随着显示技术的不断发展,集成触摸屏的液晶显示(LCD)在日常生产与生活中得到了广泛的应用。良好的触屏显示在人机交互方式上扮演着重要角色。然而,外挂式触摸屏在薄化后,触控感测部件和LCD驱动部件之间的距离减小,造成两者之间更紧密的耦合,导致LCD对触摸屏的噪声干扰更加严重,造成误触摸情况发生。为此,我们通过本文研究发现,调节源极数据驱动IC的内置功能及数据信号的驱动方式,可有效改善噪声干扰问题。首先,根据TFT面板阵列的排布,针对性调节源极数据驱动信号,观察噪声干扰的程度。实验结果表明:降低源极数据驱动能力,或更改数据信号的驱动方式为H2Dot时,噪声最大的sub V-stripe画面下的噪声干扰峰值可下降75%。基于上述解决方案,达到了降低噪声干扰的目的,提供给用户更精准、灵敏的触控体验。


With the development of display technology, liquid crystal displays integrated with touch panels have been widely used in the daily production and life. Quality touch-integrated display panels play an important role in the human-computer interaction. However, the external touch panel is thinner and thinner, the distance between the touch sensor and LCD driver is reduced, resulting in a closer coupling among these two, which leads to more serious noise interference from LCD to touch panel. In this paper, we find out that the noise interference can be effectively improved by adjusting the function of source driver IC and changing the driving method of data. Firstly, according to the arrangement of TFT array, we adjust the source data driving signal, then observe the level of noise interference. The experimental results show that by reducing the power of the source data drive or changing the driving method of the data signal, the level of noise interference in the sub V-stripe pattern can be reduced by 75%. Based on the above solution, the noise interference is suppressed, which provides users more accurate and sensitive touch experience.





基金项目:国家自然科学基金(No. 61307028);上海市科学技术委员会(No. 1701H169200,No. 13ZR1420000)




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蔡 浩:上海交通大学 电子工程系 智能显示实验室,上海 200240
陈超平:上海交通大学 电子工程系 智能显示实验室,上海 200240
卢佳惠:上海交通大学 电子工程系 智能显示实验室,上海 200240
俞 冰:上海交通大学 电子工程系 智能显示实验室,上海 200240
李 洋:上海交通大学 电子工程系 智能显示实验室,上海 200240
米岚田:上海交通大学 电子工程系 智能显示实验室,上海 200240
张文博:上海交通大学 电子工程系 智能显示实验室,上海 200240



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CAI Hao,CHEN Chao-ping,LU Jia-hui,YU Bing,LI Yang,MI Lan-tian,ZHANG Wen-bo. Reduction of crosstalk between TFT-LCD and capacitive touch panel[J]. Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays, 2018, 33(6): 504-510

蔡 浩,陈超平,卢佳惠,俞 冰,李 洋,米岚田,张文博. 液晶显示屏与电容式触摸屏间的信号串扰抑制[J]. 液晶与显示, 2018, 33(6): 504-510

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