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Specific Determination of Trace Amount of Glucose in Urine Based on Cyanophenylboronic Acids Probe

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尿液中葡萄糖的高灵敏度、特异性定量检测在临床诊断中具有十分重要的意义。本工作在基于表面增强拉曼散射光谱(SERS)法的尿液葡萄糖定量检测中,采用4-氰基苯硼酸(4-CPBA)为二级糖探针。此探针不需要与SERS活性基底结合,并且氰基(CN)的特征峰2226 cm-1位于SERS光谱的生物寂静区(1800~2800 cm-1),从而避免了其他内源性生物分子的干扰。本方法对葡萄糖分子具有高度选择性,可有效避免尿液中果糖、半乳糖等其他糖类物质的干扰。本实验方法成功实现了尿糖的特异性检测,检测限低至10 nM,并检测出了轻微糖尿病患者尿液中的微量葡萄糖。实验结果表明,本方法为尿糖检测提供了一种专一性强,灵敏度高的分析手段,为后续定量检测提供了有力的工具。


The quantitative detection of glucose in urine with high sensitivity and specificity is of great significance in clinical diagnosis.This work utilized 4-Cyanophenylboronic acid (4-CPBA)as a secondary carbohydrate probe in a surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)-based urine glucose quantification assay.This assay protocol does not require the conjugation of the probe to the SERS substrate.Furthermore,the characteristic Raman peak of cyano group at 2226 cm-1 was located in the biological silent region (1800-2800 cm-1),thus avoiding interference by other endogenous biological molecules.This method allows high selectivity of glucose over other carbohydrate such as fructose and galactose.This method has been successfully applied for specific detection of urine glucose,with the detection limit down to 10 nM.Furthermore,the glucose content in urine from patients with mild diabetes was successfully detected.The experimental results show that this method offers a highly specific and sensitive way for the determination of glucose in urine,as a potential powerful tool for subsequent quantitative analysis.









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浮钰:中山大学化学学院,广州 510275
陈秋兰:广东食品药品职业学院医疗器械学院,广州 510520
张卫红:中山大学测试中心,广州 510275
叶穗波:中山大学测试中心,广州 510275
张浩:中山大学测试中心,广州 510275
谢方艳:中山大学测试中心,广州 510275
龚力:中山大学测试中心,广州 510275
金浩宇:广东食品药品职业学院医疗器械学院,广州 510520
陈建:中山大学测试中心,广州 510275中山大学广东省显示材料与技术重点实验室,广州 510275




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FU Yu,CHEN Qiulan,ZHANG Weihong,YE Suibo,ZHANG Hao,XIE Fangyan,GONG Li,JIN Haoyu,CHEN Jian. Specific Determination of Trace Amount of Glucose in Urine Based on Cyanophenylboronic Acids Probe[J]. The Journal of Light Scattering, 2018, 30(2): 143-149

浮钰,陈秋兰,张卫红,叶穗波,张浩,谢方艳,龚力,金浩宇,陈建. 基于氰基苯硼酸探针的尿液中微量葡萄糖的特异性检测研究[J]. 光散射学报, 2018, 30(2): 143-149

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