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Optimization Design of Epitaxially-Stacked Multiple-Active-Region Lasers

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基于分离的非对称大光腔结构,对激射波长为905 nm的外延叠层三有源区大功率脉冲半导体激光器的外延结构进行优化设计。通过优化近场光场模式、自由载流子吸收损耗、相邻发光区之间距离以及掺杂浓度分布等关键参数,提高了器件的脉冲峰值功率,降低了内损耗和远场垂直发散角。研制的1 mm腔长、100 μm条宽的三有源区大功率半导体激光器,经由150 ns脉宽和6.67 kHz重复频率的脉冲测试,在34.5 A脉冲电流强度驱动下实现了122 W的脉冲峰值功率输出。器件的斜率效率为3.54 W/A,单个发光区实现了折合91.75%的内量子效率和2.05 cm-1的内损耗,水平方向和垂直方向上的半峰全宽远场发散角分别为7.8° 和 27.6°。


Based on separated asymmetric large optical cavity, the high power pulsed semiconductor lasers with epitaxially-stacked three-active-region structure at laser central wavelength of 905 nm are investigated. We optimize the critical parameters, including near-field optical intensity model, free-carrier absorption loss, the distance between adjacent luminescent regions and the doping levels of each layer, to obtain higher peak output power, lower internal optical loss and smaller far-field vertical divergence angle. A three-active-region high power semiconductor laser with 1 mm cavity length and 100 μm stripe width is developed. We achieve a peak output power of 122 W driven by 34.5 A pulse current intensity at 150 ns pulse width and 6.67 kHz repetition rate. Slope efficiency of 3.54 W/A, equivalent internal quantum efficiency of 91.75% and internal optical loss of 2.05 cm-1 for each emitter are obtained, and far-field divergence angles of 7.8° and 27.6° (full width at half maximum) are achieved in the lateral and vertical directions, respectively.









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侯继达:中国科学院大学, 北京 100049中国科学院半导体研究所光电子器件国家工程研究中心, 北京 100083
熊聪:中国科学院半导体研究所光电子器件国家工程研究中心, 北京 100083
祁琼:中国科学院半导体研究所光电子器件国家工程研究中心, 北京 100083
刘素平:中国科学院半导体研究所光电子器件国家工程研究中心, 北京 100083
马骁宇:中国科学院半导体研究所光电子器件国家工程研究中心, 北京 100083

联系人作者:熊聪(xiongcong@semi.ac.cn); 侯继达(houjd@semi.ac.cn);

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Hou Jida,Xiong Cong,Qi Qiong,Liu Suping,Ma Xiaoyu. Optimization Design of Epitaxially-Stacked Multiple-Active-Region Lasers[J]. Acta Optica Sinica, 2018, 38(10): 1014001

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