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Application Progress of Time-Frequency Analysis for Lidar

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激光雷达对于实现隐形目标或大气、海洋、陆地领域目标等方面的高分辨率多参数探测具有重要意义。相对于传统的单独时域或频域处理, 时频分析在激光雷达信号分析、解译和处理等方面可以提供更多的信息。时频分析在激光雷达中的具体应用包括大气参数的特征分析与提取、信号去噪、运动目标成像与检测以及微多普勒特征分析等。在简要阐述各种时频分析原理特性基础上, 着重介绍时频分析在激光雷达中的最新应用进展。


Lidar is vital for the high-resolution and multi-parameter detection of concealed objects, objects in the ares like atmosphere, oceans, lands, and so on. Compared with the traditional time-domain or frequency-domain methods, time-frequency analysis can provide more insight into the analysis, interpretation, and processing of lidar signals. Time-frequency analysis has been widely used, including in feature analysis and extraction of atmospheric parameters, signal denoising, moving target imaging and detection, and micro-Doppler classification analysis. The methods used for the time-frequency analysis of lidar are further developed based on the basic principles and characteristics of time-frequency analysis.

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刘燕平:中国科学技术大学地球和空间科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230026
王冲:中国科学技术大学地球和空间科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230026
夏海云:中国科学技术大学地球和空间科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230026

联系人作者:刘燕平(yanping@mail.ustc.edu.cn); 王冲(wcltr@163.com); 夏海云(hsia@ustc.edu.cn);

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