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Three-step coherent diffraction imaging system based on parallel plates

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传统单光束多强度重建(SBMIR)系统中, 多次平移图像传感器所积累的误差导致光电成像系统的成像效果及有效分辨率降低, 为了解决这一问题。本文提出基于平行平晶的三步相干衍射成像系统, 采取插入或抽取 2块平行平晶的方法获取 3个不同的衍射面, 实现了对复振幅型物体的成像及恢复重建。数值模拟及实验表明, 系统有效克服了SBMIR系统中数次平移的误差积累问题, 且仅需记录 3个衍射面, 避免过采样。而且光学系统实现简便、可重复性高。


In a traditional single beam multiple-intensity reconstruction(SBMIR) system, error is accumulated by multiple translational image sensors, which reduces the imaging effect and the effective resolution of the photoelectric imaging system. In this paper, a three-step coherent diffraction imaging system based on parallel plates is proposed. Three different diffraction planes are obtained by inserting or extracting two parallel plates and imaging and restoration reconstruction of complex amplitude objects are achieved. The numerical simulation and experiments show that the system overcomes the error accumulation problem of several translations in the SBMIR system, and one only needs to record three diffraction surfaces to avoid oversampling. The proposed optical system is easy to implement and has high repeatability.





基金项目:国家自然科学基金(No.61575197); 中国科学院科教融合基金; 中国科学院青年创新促进会项目(No.2017489); 王宽诚教育基金会项目




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罗 勇:中国科学院大学 光电学院, 北京 100049中国科学院 光电研究院, 北京 100094
李 拓:西京学院 理学院, 陕西 西安 710123
李桂林:中国科学院大学 光电学院, 北京 100049中国科学院 光电研究院, 北京 100094
史祎诗:中国科学院大学 光电学院, 北京 100049中国科学院 光电研究院, 北京 100094


备注:SHI Yi-shi(1981-), male, from Hubei Yingcheng, is a professor who obtained a bachelor's degree from Southeast University in 2003 and a doctorate from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008. He is mainly engaged in theoretical and technical research in the field of optoelectronic information processing.

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LUO Yong,LI Tuo,LI Gui-lin,SHI Yi-shi. Three-step coherent diffraction imaging system based on parallel plates[J]. Chinese Optics, 2018, 11(6): 1032-1046

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