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Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Classification with Small Sample Size Based on High-Level Feature Fusion

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The training sample size for some objects on the ground is quite small when applying a deep learning model to study the classification of remote sensing images. Meanwhile, diversified remote sensing image acquisition methods generate numerous multimodal remote sensing images with different spatial resolutions. Fusing these multi-modal remote sensing images to remedy the small sample size defect and achieve a highly precise classification of remote sensing images is an urgent problem to be solved. To this end, the present study proposes a fusion method for image classification based on the correlation of two spatial resolutions. A deep learning network is utilized to extract the high-level features of the remote sensing images in two spatial resolutions. Two types of high-level features are integrated via the proposed fusion strategy and further used as the input to train the whole network model. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed fusion algorithm can achieve high classification accuracy. Further, because different fusion rules have different classification accuracies, a suitable selection can improve the classification accuracy.

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基金项目:国家自然科学基金、海洋大数据分析预报技术研发预报技术研发基金 、上海市科委部分地方院校能力建设项目;




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贺琪:上海海洋大学信息学院, 上海 201306
李瑶:上海海洋大学信息学院, 上海 201306
宋巍:上海海洋大学信息学院, 上海 201306
黄冬梅:上海海洋大学信息学院, 上海 201306上海电力大学, 上海 200090
何盛琪:上海海洋大学信息学院, 上海 201306
杜艳玲:上海海洋大学信息学院, 上海 201306


备注:国家自然科学基金、海洋大数据分析预报技术研发预报技术研发基金 、上海市科委部分地方院校能力建设项目;

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【1】余帅,汪西莉. 基于多级通道注意力的遥感图像分割方法. 激光与光电子学进展, 2020, 57(4): 41012--1

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