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Accurate Characterization of Spatial Orientations of Fiber-Like Structures in Biological Tissues and Its Applications

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Fiber-like structure is one of the basic structures found in biological tissues. The spatial orientations of fiber-like structures change with the initiation and progression of some diseases. In this study, we present a brief overview of quantitative orientation analysis methods for fiber-like structures within biological tissues and main applications of these methods. We especially focus on the research progress of spatial orientation information in important disease models, including wound healing, osteoarthritis, breast cancer, peritoneal metastasis, and brain injury. Additionally, we explore the relations between tissue structure and function via specific engineered tissues. A highly sensitive and highly accurate description of the fiber-like structures within biological tissues serves as a novel method for studying disease initiation and progression, shows potential for early disease diagnosis, and improves our understanding of the mechanisms underlying some disorders. Finally, future potential applications of the orientation analysis methods are explored.





基金项目:国家重点研发计划; 国家自然科学基金; 浙江省自然科学基金; 中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金;




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刘智毅:浙江大学光电科学与工程学院现代光学仪器国家重点实验室, 浙江 杭州 310027
孟佳:浙江大学光电科学与工程学院现代光学仪器国家重点实验室, 浙江 杭州 310027
邱建榕:浙江大学光电科学与工程学院现代光学仪器国家重点实验室, 浙江 杭州 310027
韩涛:浙江大学光电科学与工程学院现代光学仪器国家重点实验室, 浙江 杭州 310027
王迪:浙江大学光电科学与工程学院现代光学仪器国家重点实验室, 浙江 杭州 310027
卓双木:福建师范大学医学光电科学与技术教育部重点实验室, 福建省光子技术重点实验室, 福建 福州 350007
丁志华:浙江大学光电科学与工程学院现代光学仪器国家重点实验室, 浙江 杭州 310027

联系人作者:刘智毅(liuzhiyi07@zju.edu.cn); 丁志华(zh_ding@zju.edu.cn);

备注:国家重点研发计划; 国家自然科学基金; 浙江省自然科学基金; 中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金;

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Liu Zhiyi,Meng Jia,Qiu Jianrong,Han Tao,Wang Di,Zhuo Shuangmu,Ding Zhihua. Accurate Characterization of Spatial Orientations of Fiber-Like Structures in Biological Tissues and Its Applications[J]. Chinese Journal of Lasers, 2020, 47(2): 0207002

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