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量子级联激光光谱在土壤生态系统中的应用 (封面文章)

Application of Quantum-Cascade Laser Spectroscopy to Soil Ecosystems (Cover Paper)

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Soil respiration is the main process of carbon and nitrogen circulation between the earth and atmosphere. Real-time in-situ measurement of gas emissions from different ecological soil environments is a powerful tool for studying the dynamic processes of atmospheric-greenhouse-gas formation, transfer, and consumption, which provides the key scientific basis for revealing the main processes of carbon and nitrogen ecosystem cycling and environmental evolution. In this paper, we describe the development of a laser-spectroscopy system based on a room-temperature, continuous-wave, quantum-cascade laser (RT-CW-QCL), a long-path optical-absorption cell, and a direct-absorption spectroscopic detection technology for the high-sensitivity and high-precision analysis of CO and N2O gas-exchange processes between soil samples under different ecological environments and ambient air. The results show that soil samples from four different ecological environments (i.e., reed, pond, organic, and grassland soils) exhibit visibly different CO and N2O release and absorption processes.









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刘宁武:安徽大学物理与材料科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230601
许林广:安徽大学物理与材料科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230601
周胜:安徽大学物理与材料科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230601
何天博:安徽大学物理与材料科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230601
李劲松:安徽大学物理与材料科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230601



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Liu Ningwu,Xu Linguang,Zhou Sheng,He Tianbo,Li Jingsong. Application of Quantum-Cascade Laser Spectroscopy to Soil Ecosystems[J]. Acta Optica Sinica, 2019, 39(11): 1130001

刘宁武,许林广,周胜,何天博,李劲松. 量子级联激光光谱在土壤生态系统中的应用[J]. 光学学报, 2019, 39(11): 1130001

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