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Nonlinear Laser-Limiting Method Based on One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals with Double Defects

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提出了一种基于双缺陷一维光子晶体的非线性激光限幅方法。研究了光子晶体透射谱中心波长随双缺陷层折射率变化的规律,设计了适用于532 nm与1064 nm波长的非线性光子晶体激光限幅结构,实现了弱光的高透射和强光的高阻断效果。所设计的激光限幅结构为(AB)6CAC(AB)6双缺陷一维光子晶体,适用于532 nm的光子晶体结构中的三种介质A、B和C分别为金刚石、SrF2和CS3-68玻璃,对弱光的透过率为86.4%,对强光的透过率为0.02%;适用于1064 nm的光子晶体结构中的三种介质A、B和C分别为金刚石、CeF3和CdTe,对弱光的透过率为79.8%,对强光的透过率为0.3%。


This study proposes a new nonlinear laser-limiting method based on a one-dimensional photonic crystal with double defects. Further, the variation in the center wavelength of the transmission spectrum of a photonic crystal with the refractive index of the double defect layer is studied. The laser-limiting structures of nonlinear photonic crystals operating at 532 nm and 1064 nm are designed using the proposed method, and the high transmission of weak light and high blocking of strong light are achieved. The designed laser-limiting structure, (AB)6CAC(AB)6, is an one-dimensional photonic crystal with double defects. The laser-limiting structure used for 532 nm laser employs three types of media (A, B, and C), namely diamond, SrF2, and CS3-68 glass, respectively. The optical transmittance of this laser-limiting structure for weak light is 86.4%, and that for strong light is 0.02%. In contrast, the laser-limiting structure used for 1064 nm laser employs three types of media (A, B, and C), namely diamond, CeF3, and CdTe, respectively. The optical transmittance for weak light is 79.8% and that for strong light is 0.3%.









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申家岭:南京航空航天大学理学院应用物理系, 江苏 南京 211106
路元刚:南京航空航天大学理学院应用物理系, 江苏 南京 211106
马海霞:南京航空航天大学理学院应用物理系, 江苏 南京 211106
王吉明:南京航空航天大学理学院应用物理系, 江苏 南京 211106
徐锋:南京航空航天大学机电学院, 江苏 南京 211106
左敦稳:南京航空航天大学机电学院, 江苏 南京 211106



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Shen Jialing,Lu Yuangang,Ma Haixia,Wang Jiming,Xu Feng,Zuo Dunwen. Nonlinear Laser-Limiting Method Based on One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals with Double Defects[J]. Chinese Journal of Lasers, 2019, 46(8): 0808001

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