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Processing and Application of Hydrogel Janus Micropillars Based on Femtosecond Laser

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Using Janus structures to realize shape transformation is an important method. Here, we present an approach which prepares geometry-switchable Janus micropillars by controlling scanning times of femtosecond laser on a pH-sensitive hydrogel. The applications of the proposed method in encryption, decryption, and display of information are explored. Results show that these micropillars exhibit reversible structural deformation when the pH of the aqueous environment is changed. Because the laser printing technique is highly flexible, the spatial arrangements, pillar heights, and bending directions of micropillars can be readily controlled. Thus, patterns with variable spatial arrangement can be realized.

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孙锐:中国科学技术大学工程科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230026
王重宇:中国科学技术大学工程科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230026
胡衍雷:中国科学技术大学工程科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230026
辛晨:中国科学技术大学工程科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230026
吴东:中国科学技术大学工程科学学院, 安徽 合肥 230026

联系人作者:胡衍雷(hyl@ustc.edu.cn); 吴东(hyl@ustc.edu.cn);


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