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BRRDF Simulation Research on Detection Parameters of Oil-in-Water Emulsion of Oil Spill on Sea Surface

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激光诱导荧光(LIF)是一种有效的海面溢油遥感探测技术,双向反射辐射再分布函数(BRRDF)可以描述介质表面入射激光与出射荧光的量值关系,为LIF技术探测海面溢油污染提供理论指导。基于蒙特卡罗方法建立了海面溢油水包油乳化液的光子传输模型,利用米散射理论计算水包油乳化液的固有光学参数,分析其在不同乳化时间、荧光波长、探测接收角度下的BRRDF与光子出射、入射天顶角余弦的乘积XBRRDFcos θr cos θi。仿真结果表明,随着水包油乳化液乳化时间的增加, XBRRDFcosθrcosθi整体呈上升趋势,且在荧光量子产率较大的荧光波长处较大。收发共轴LIF系统的接收光功率受探测接收角度、水包油乳化液的厚度和浓度的影响,当探测接收角度小于50°时,系统的接收光功率较大。


Laser induced fluorescence (LIF) is an effective remote sensing technology for detecting oil spills on the sea surface. Bidirectional reflectance and reradiation distribution function (BRRDF) can describe the quantitative relationship between the incident laser and the emission fluorescence on the surface of mediums, which provides theoretical guidance for LIF technology to detect oil spill pollution on the sea surface. Based on Monte Carlo method, the photon transmission model of oil-in-water emulsion is established. The intrinsic optical parameters of oil-in-water emulsion are calculated by using the Mie scattering theory. The product of BRRDF and the cosine of photon emission and incident zenith angles XBRRDFcos θrcos θi is analyzed under different emulsifying time, fluorescence wavelength, and detection receiving angle. Simulation results show that with the increase of emulsifying time of oil-in-water emulsion, XBRRDFcos θr cos θi is an overall upward trend, and it is larger at the fluorescence wavelength where the fluorescence quantum yield is larger. The receiving optical power received by the transceiver coaxial LIF system is affected by its detection-receiving angles, thickness and concentration of oil-in-water emulsion, When the detection receiving angle is less than 50°, the received optical power of the system is larger.

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张晓丹:燕山大学信息科学与工程学院, 河北 秦皇岛 066004
孔德明:燕山大学电气工程学院, 河北 秦皇岛 066004
袁丽:燕山大学信息科学与工程学院, 河北 秦皇岛 066004
孔德翰:河北环境工程学院信息工程系, 河北 秦皇岛 066000
孔令富:燕山大学信息科学与工程学院, 河北 秦皇岛 066004
贾海阳:燕山大学信息科学与工程学院, 河北 秦皇岛 066004



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