Chinese Optics Letters, 2013, 11(2): 021202, Published Online: Jan. 23, 2013

A compact interferometer insensitive to scanning speed variations

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A compact moving optical-wedge interferometer (CMOWI) is presented. This device consists of a moving optical wedge (MOW), a fixed optical wedge (FOW), a fixed compensating plate, and a beam-splitting cube. The optical path difference (OPD) is calculated and analyzed. The factor between the OPD and the displacement of the MOW is less than 1 if the refractive index and wedge angle of the MOW and FOW are chosen properly. Therefore, the CMOWI is insensitive to scanning speed variations compared with the traditional Michelson interferometer. The CMOWI is compact, small-sized, and suitable for low-resolution Fourier transform spectroscopy.

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