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 Real-time, in situ probing of gamma radiation damage with packaged integrated photonic chips

Qingyang Du Jér?me Michon Bingzhao Li Derek Kita Danhao Ma Haijie Zuo Shaoliang Yu Tian Gu Anuradha Agarwal Mo Li Juejun Hu


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2020, 8(02):186-193

 Thermometry strategy developed based on fluorescence contrast driven by varying excitations in codoped LiNbO3

Siwei Long Shaopeng Lin Decai Ma Yunzhong Zhu Huashan Li Biao Wang


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2020, 8(02):135-142

 Control of ultrafast photo-electronic dynamics of a chemical-vapor-deposited-grown graphene by ozone oxidation

Min Guo Lai-Peng Ma Wencai Ren Tianshu Lai


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2020, 8(01):17-23

 High-efficiency 50 W burst-mode hundred picosecond green laser

Ning Ma Meng Chen Ce Yang Shang Lu Xie Zhang Xinbiao Du


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2020, 8(01):e1

 Transport of ultraintense laser-driven relativistic electrons in dielectric targets

X. H. Yang C. Ren H. Xu Y. Y. Ma F. Q. Shao


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2020, 8(01):e2

 Ultrabroadband, few-cycle pulses directly from a Mamyshev fiber oscillator

Chunyang Ma Ankita Khanolkar Yimin Zang Andy Chong


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2020, 8(01):65-69

 Laser frequency instability of 6 × 10?16 using 10-cm-long cavities on a cubic spacer

Xiaotong Chen Yanyi Jiang Bo Li Hongfu Yu Haifeng Jiang Tao Wang Yuan Yao Longsheng Ma


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2020, 18(03):030201

 A new phase-shifted long-period fiber grating for simultaneous measurement of torsion and temperature

Cuiting Sun Ran Wang Xiren Jin Zemin Wang Weiliang Liu Shuo Zhang Yiwei Ma Jingyu Lin Yue Li Tao Geng Weimin Sun Zhongquan Qu Libo Yuan


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2020, 18(02):021203

 Multi-reference lens-less Fourier-transform holography with a Greek-ladder sieve array

Jing Xie Junyong Zhang Xue Pan Shenlei Zhou Weixin Ma


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2020, 18(02):020901

 Bias-free operational monolithic symmetric-connected photodiode array

Dan Yang Yongqing Huang Tao Liu Xiaokai Ma Xiaofeng Duan Kai Liu Xiaomin Ren


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2020, 18(01):012501

 Polarization in D-shaped fiber modulated by magneto-optical dichroism of magnetic fluid

Rende Ma Luxue Wan Xiuhao Liu Xiaoping Li Junfeng Jiang Yunjie Xia


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2020, 18(01):010601

 A Coil Constant Calibration Method Based on the Phase-Frequency Response of Alkali Atomic Magnetometer

Han YAO Danyue MA Junpeng ZHAO Jixi LU Ming DING


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(02):189

 Synthetic optical vortex beams from the analogous trajectory change of an artificial satellite

Haiping Wang Liqin Tang Jina Ma Xiuyan Zheng Daohong Song Yi Hu Yigang Li Zhigang Chen


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(09):1101-1105

 One-order-higher Cr4+ conversion efficiency in Cr4+:YAG transparent ceramics for a high-frequency passively Q-switched laser

Yingshuang Shan Le Zhang Tianyuan Zhou Cen Shao Lei Zhang Yuelong Ma Qing Yao Zhigang Jiang Farida A. Selim Hao Chen


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(08):933-938

 Sensing and tracking enhanced by quantum squeezing

Chuan Xu Lidan Zhang Songtao Huang Taxue Ma Fang Liu Hidehiro Yonezawa Yong Zhang Min Xiao


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):A14-26

 Dual-band and ultra-broadband photonic spin-orbit interaction for electromagnetic shaping based on single-layer silicon metasurfaces

Xin Xie Mingbo Pu Xiong Li Kaipeng Liu Jinjin Jin Xiaoliang Ma Xiangang Luo


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):586-593

 Visible Kerr comb generation in a high-Q silica microdisk resonator with a large wedge angle

Jiyang Ma Longfu Xiao Jiaxin Gu Hao Li Xinyu Cheng Guangqiang He Xiaoshun Jiang Min Xiao


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):573-578

 Deep-learning-based phase control method for tiled aperture coherent beam combining systems

Tianyue Hou Yi An Qi Chang Pengfei Ma Jun Li Dong Zhi Liangjin Huang Rongtao Su Jian Wu Yanxing Ma Pu Zhou


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2019, 7(04):e59

 Toward 5.2μm terawatt few-cycle pulses via optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification with oxide La3Ga5.5Nb0.5O14 crystals

Jinsheng Liu Jingui Ma Jing Wang Peng Yuan Guoqiang Xie Liejia Qian


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2019, 7(04):e61

 Petawatt and exawatt class lasers worldwide

Colin N. Danson Constantin Haefner Jake Bromage Thomas Butcher Jean-Christophe F. Chanteloup Enam A. Chowdhury Almantas Galvanauskas Leonida A. Gizzi Joachim Hein David I. Hillier Nicholas W. Hopps Yoshiaki Kato Efim A. Khazanov Ryosuke Kodama Georg Korn Ruxin Li Yutong Li Jens Limpert Jingui Ma Chang Hee Nam David Neely Dimitrios Papadopoulos Rory R. Penman Liejia Qian Jorge J. Rocca Andrey A. Shaykin Craig W. Siders Christopher Spindloe Sándor Szatmári Raoul M. G. M. Trines Jianqiang Zhu Ping Zhu Jonathan D. Zuegel


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2019, 7(03):e54

 Ternary ReS2(1-x)Se2x alloy saturable absorber for passively Q-switched and mode-locked erbium-doped all-fiber lasers

Chenxi Dou Wen Wen Junli Wang Mengyuan Ma Liming Xie Ching-Hwa Ho Zhiyi Wei


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(03):283-288

 Comprehensive investigation on producing high-power orbital angular momentum beams by coherent combining technology

Dong Zhi Tianyue Hou Pengfei Ma Yanxing Ma Pu Zhou Rumao Tao Xiaolin Wang Lei Si


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2019, 7(02):e33

 High-peak-power temporally shaped nanosecond fiber laser immune to SPM-induced spectral broadening

Rongtao Su Pengfei Ma Pu Zhou Zilun Chen Xiaolin Wang Yanxing Ma Jian Wu Xiaojun Xu


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2019, 7(02):e27


刘 欢 毕文涛 高逢强 胡煜峰 娄志东 邓振波 腾 枫 侯延冰

[摘要]为研究钙钛矿材料的发光特性和机理, 制备了稳定的MA0.6Cs0.4PbBr3钙钛矿发光二极管, 通过瞬态电致发光测试, 分析了器件在脉冲电压下的电流和发光曲线。MA0.6Cs0.4PbBr3发光二极管在恒定的电流密度10 mA·cm-2下,...

 PDF全文发光学报 | 2019, 40(01):89

 Photonuclear production of medical isotopes 62,64Cu using intense laser-plasma electron source

ZhiGuo Ma HaoYang Lan WeiYuan Liu ShaoDong Wu Yi Xu ZhiChao Zhu Wen Luo

[摘要]62,64Cu are radioisotopes of medical interest that can be used for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging. Moreover, 64Cu has β? decay characteristics that allow for targeted radiotherapy of canc...

 PDF全文Matter and Radiation at Extremes | 2019, 4(06):064401

 Target fabrication for laser-ion acceleration research at the Technological Laboratory of the LMU Munich

J. Szerypo W. Ma G. Bothmann D. Hahner M. Haug P. Hilz Ch. Kreuzer R. Lange S. Seuferling M. Speicher F. Stehr S. Stork P. G. Thirolf J. Schreiber H.-F. Wirth

[摘要]The Technological Laboratory of LMU Munich supplies various types of solid-state target for laser plasma experiments at the Centre for Advanced Laser Applications in Garching. Our main focus here is o...

 PDF全文Matter and Radiation at Extremes | 2019, 4(03):035201

 Measurement of laser differential confocal geometrical parameters for ICF capsule

Longxiao Wang Yun Wang Xianxian Ma Weiqian Zhao

[摘要]A method based on the laser differential confocal principle is proposed for measurement of the uniformity of the inner and outer radius and shell thickness for an inertial confinement fusion (ICF) cap...

 PDF全文Matter and Radiation at Extremes | 2019, 4(02):025401

 Ionization behavior and dynamics of picosecond laser filamentation in sapphire

Amina Lingfei Ji Tianyang Yan Rui Ma

[摘要]Currently, laser-induced structural modifications in optical materials have been an active field of research. In this paper, we reported structural modifications in the bulk of sapphire due to picosec...

 PDF全文Opto-Electronic Advances | 2019, 2(08):190003

 A review of crosstalk research for plasmonic waveguides

Junxian Ma Dezheng Zeng Yatao Yang Can Pan Li Zhang Haidong Xu


 PDF全文Opto-Electronic Advances | 2019, 2(04):180022

 All-metallic wide-angle metasurfaces for multifunctional polarization manipulation

Xiaoliang Ma Mingbo Pu Xiong Li Yinghui Guo Xiangang Luo


 PDF全文Opto-Electronic Advances | 2019, 2(03):180023