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 Vortex Smith–Purcell radiation generation with holographic grating

Mengxuan Wang Fang Liu Yuechai Lin Kaiyu Cui Xue Feng Wei Zhang Yidong Huang


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2020, 8(08):1309-1315

 基于65 nm标准CMOS工艺的3.0 THz 探测器

Tong FANG Li-Yuan LIU Zhao-Yang LIU Peng FENG Yuan-Yuan LI Jun-Qi LIU Jian LIU Nan-Jian WU

[摘要]基于Dyakonov和Shur等离子体波振荡原理设计并流片制备了一种采用65 nm 标准CMOS工艺的3.0 THz探测器,探测器包括贴片天线、NMOS场效应晶体管、匹配网络及陷波滤波器。探测器在室温条件下可达到526 V/W的响应率(Rv)...

 PDF全文红外与毫米波学报 | 2020, 39(01):56-64

 Sensing and tracking enhanced by quantum squeezing

Chuan Xu Lidan Zhang Songtao Huang Taxue Ma Fang Liu Hidehiro Yonezawa Yong Zhang Min Xiao


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):A14-26

 A Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser based on ZrS2 as a saturable absorber

Ping Hu Yan Huang Fangfang Liu Ying Liu Liping Guo Xiaolu Ge Xiaojuan Liu


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2019, 17(08):080603

 Absorption and scattering effects of Maalox, chlorophyll, and sea salt on a micro-LED-based underwater wireless optical communication [Invited]

Pengfei Tian Honglan Chen Peiyao Wang Xiaoyan Liu Xinwei Chen Gufan Zhou Shuailong Zhang Jie Lu Pengjiang Qiu Zeyuan Qian Xiaolin Zhou Zhilai Fang Lirong Zheng Ran Liu Xugao Cui


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2019, 17(10):100010

 Scanning photoacoustic imaging of submucosal gastric tumor based on a long focused transducer in phantom and in vitro experiments

Hua-Qin Wu Hao-Yu Wang Wen-Ming Xie Shu-Lian Wu Zhi-Fang Li Xiao-Man Zhang Hui Li


 PDF全文Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences | 2019, 12(03):1950011

 High-resolution imaging of graphene by tip-enhanced coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering

Xiaolong Kou Qian Zhou Dong Wang Jinghe Yuan Xiaohong Fang Lijun Wan


 PDF全文Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences | 2019, 12(01):1841003

 Q-switched and mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser using PtSe2 as a saturable absorber

Kang Zhang Ming Feng Yangyang Ren Fang Liu Xingshuo Chen Jie Yang Xiao-Qing Yan Feng Song Jianguo Tian


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2018, 6(09):893-899

 Optical vortex copier and regenerator in the Fourier domain

Xiaodong Qiu Fangshu Li Haigang Liu Xianfeng Chen Lixiang Chen


 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2018, 6(06):641

 Measurement and analysis of K-shell lines of silicon ions in laser plasmas

Bo Han Feilu Wang Jiayong Zhong Guiyun Liang Huigang Wei Dawei Yuan Baojun Zhu Fang Li Chang Liu Yanfei Li Jiarui Zhao Zhe Zhang Chen Wang Jun Xiong Guo Jia Neng Hua Jianqiang Zhu Yutong Li Gang Zhao Jie Zhang


 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2018, 6(02):e31

 DFB fiber laser sensor for simultaneous measurement of acoustic and magnetic fields

Rui Ma Wentao Zhang Wenzhu Huang Fang Li


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2018, 16(06):060602

 Photoacoustic characteristics of lipid-rich plaques under ultra-low temperature and formaldehyde treatment

Mingjun Xu Peng Lei Jianqin Feng Fangfang Liu Sihua Yang Pengfei Zhang


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2018, 16(03):031702

 Optical rectification in surface layers of germanium

Li Zhang Fangye Li Shuai Wang Qi Wang Kairan Luan Xi Chen Xiuhuan Liu Lingying Qiu Zhanguo Chen Jihong Zhao Lixin Hou Yanjun Gao Gang Jia


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2018, 16(10):102401

 Experimental investigation of loss and gain characteristics of an abnormal InxGa1-xAs/GaAs quantum well structure

Yan Jia Qingnan Yu Fang Li Mingqing Wang Wei Lu Jian Zhang Xing Zhang Yongqiang Ning Jian Wu


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2018, 16(01):011402

 fs-level laser–RF synchronization with a fiber-loop optical-microwave phase detector

Shangyu Si Liwen Feng Yanying Zha Gang Zhao Fangming Liu Senlin Huang Kexin Liu


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2018, 16(01):010607

 Optofluidic Refractive Index Sensor Based on Partial Reflection

Lei ZHANG Zhang ZHANG Yichuan WANG Meiying YE Wei FANG Limin TONG

[摘要]We demonstrate a novel optofluidic refractive index (RI) sensor with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range based on partial reflection. Benefited from the divergent incident light and the output fib...

 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2017, 7(02):97

 Low-crosstalk silicon photonics arrayed waveguide grating

Zhiqun Zhang Juan Hu Hua Chen Fangjiang Li Lei Zhao Jinbin Gui and Qing Fang


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2017, 15(04):041301

 Noninvasive photoacoustic measurement of absorption coefficient using internal light irradiation of cylindrical diffusing fiber

PENG Dong-qing ZHU Li-li LI Zhi-fang LI Hui

[摘要]Absorption coefficient of biological tissue is an important parameter in biomedicine, but its determination remains a challenge. In this paper, we propose a method using focusing photoacoustic imaging...

 PDF全文Optoelectronics Letters | 2017, 13(05):367

 Novel optoelectronic characteristics from manipulating general energy-bands by nanostructures

Yidong HUANG Kaiyu CUI Fang LIU Xue FENG Wei ZHANG

[摘要]This paper summarizes our research work on optoelectronic devices with nanostructures. It was indicated that by manipulating so called “general energybands” of fundamental particles or quasi-particl...

 PDF全文Frontiers of Optoelectronics | 2016, 9(02):151

 Bridge Continuous Deformation Measurement Technology Based on Fiber Optic Gyro

Weibing GAN Wenbin HU Fang LIU Jianguang TANG Sheng LI Yan YANG

[摘要]Bridge is an important part of modern transportation systems and deformation is a key index for bridge’s safety evaluation. To achieve the long span bridge curve measurement rapidly and timely and ac...

 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2016, 6(01):71

 Laboratory astrophysics with laser-driven strong magnetic fields in China

Fei-Lu Wang Xiao-Xing Pei Bo Han Hui-Gang Wei Da-Wei Yuan Gui-Yun Liang Gang Zhao Jia-Yong Zhong Zhe Zhang Bao-Jun Zhu Yan-Fei Li Fang Li Yu-Tong Li Si-Liang Zeng Shi-Yang Zou Jie Zhang

[摘要]In this paper, the recent studies of laboratory astrophysics with strong magnetic fields in China have been reviewed. On the Shenguang-II laser facility of the National Laboratory on High-Power Lasers...

 PDF全文High Power Laser Science and Engineering | 2016, 4(03):e27

 Acoustic emission detection using intensity-modulated DFB fiber laser sensor

Tan Yang Ying Song Wentao Zhang and Fang Li


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2016, 14(12):120602

 Ship detection and extraction using visual saliency and histogram of oriented gradient

XU Fang LIU Jing-hong

[摘要]A novel unsupervised ship detection and extraction method is proposed. A combination model based on visual saliency is constructed for searching the ship target regions and suppressing the false alarm...

 PDF全文Optoelectronics Letters | 2016, 12(06):473

 Proton radiography of magnetic fields generated with an open-ended coil driven by high power laser pulses

Guoqian Liao Yutong Li Baojun Zhu Yanfei Li Fang Li Mengchao Li Xuan Wang Zhe Zhang Shukai He Weiwu Wang Feng Lu Faqiang Zhang Lei Yang Kainan Zhou Na Xie Wei Hong Yuqiu Gu Zongqing Zhao Baohan Zhang Jie Zhan

[摘要]Recently generation of strong magnetic (B) fields has been demonstrated in capacitor coils heated by high power laser pulses [S. Fujioka et al., Sci. Rep. 3, 1170 (2013)]. This paper will present a di...

 PDF全文Matter and Radiation at Extremes | 2016, 1(04):187

 A nondestructive method for estimating the total green leaf area of individual rice plants using multi-angle color images

Ni Jiang Wanneng Yang Lingfeng Duan Guoxing Chen Wei Fang Lizhong Xiong Qian Liu


 PDF全文Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences | 2015, 8(02):1550002

 Multicolored sideband generation based on cascaded four-wave mixing with the assistance of spectral broadening in multiple thin plates

Peng Wang Jun Liu Fangjia Li Xiong Shen Ruxin Li

[摘要]The generation of multicolored sidebands with the spectrum from 377 to 970 nm in a 0.5-mm-thick N-WG280 Schott glass based on a cascaded four-wave mixing (CFWM) process is demonstrated. The experiment...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2015, 3(05):210-213

 Application of polycapillary x ray lens to eliminate both the effect of x ray source size and scatter of the sample in laboratory tomography

Xuepeng Sun Zhiguo Liu Tianxi Sun Longtao Yi Weiyuan Sun Fangzuo Li Bowen Jiang Yongzhong Ma Xunliang Ding


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2015, 13(09):093401

 Extended transient-grating self-referenced spectral interferometry for sub-100 nJ femtosecond pulse characterization

Xiong Shen Jun Liu Fangjia Li Peng Wang Ruxin Li


 PDF全文Chinese Optics Letters | 2015, 13(08):081901

 Multi-band polarization insensitive metamaterial absorber with dual cross-wires structure

YAO Li-fang LI Min-hua ZHAI Xiao-min WANG Hui-bo DONG Jian-feng

[摘要]A five-band metamaterial absorber (MMA) based on a simple planar structure is proposed. It utilizes different areas of a single unit cell to match impedance, and produces different absorptive frequenc...

 PDF全文Optoelectronics Letters | 2015, 11(06):414

 Fiber Optic 3-Component Seismometer

Jing HAN Wentao ZHANG Dongshan JIANG Zhaogang WANG Fang LI


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2014, 4(02):102-107