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Preparation of p-Type Heavily-Doped 4H-SiC by Laser Irradiation of Solid Al Film

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通过激光辐照固态Al膜,制备了一种p型重掺杂4H-SiC,分析了Al膜厚度、激光脉冲个数对掺杂结果的影响,验证了不同工艺参数对p型掺杂层表面电学性能的调控作用。结果表明,当Al膜厚度为120 nm,脉冲个数为50时,掺杂试样的最大载流子浓度为6.613×1017 cm-3,最小体电阻率为17.36 Ω·cm,掺杂浓度(粒子数浓度)可达6.6×1019 cm-3。4H-SiC的Al掺杂改性机理为:在紫外激光作用下,Si—C键断裂,Al原子替代Si原子形成p型掺杂层。


The preparation of p-type heavily-doped 4H-SiC is conducted by using the laser irradiation of solid Al film. The effects of the Al film thickness and the laser pulse number on the doping results are analyzed and the control of different process parameters to the electrical properties of p-type doped layers is verified. The results show that the maximum carrier concentration is 6.613×1017 cm-3, the minimum volume resistivity is 17.36 Ω·cm, and the doping concentration (particle number concentration) is 6.6×1019 cm-3, when the Al film thickness is 120 nm and the pulse number is 50. The Al doping modification mechanism of 4H-SiC can be described as the formation of p-type doped layer as a result of the Si—C bond breaking and the replace of Si by Al under the ultraviolet laser irradiation.









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胡莉婷:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124
季凌飞:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124
吴燕:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124
林真源:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124


备注:胡莉婷(1992—),女,硕士研究生,主要从事半导体材料激光改性方面的研究。E-mail: huliting612@163.com

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Hu Liting,Ji Lingfei,Wu Yan,Lin Zhenyuan. Preparation of p-Type Heavily-Doped 4H-SiC by Laser Irradiation of Solid Al Film[J]. Chinese Journal of Lasers, 2018, 45(6): 0603003

胡莉婷,季凌飞,吴燕,林真源. 激光辐照固态Al膜制备p型重掺杂4H-SiC[J]. 中国激光, 2018, 45(6): 0603003

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