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Engineering the emission of laser arrays to nullify the jamming from passive obstacles

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Non-Hermitian characteristics accompany any photonic device incorporating spatial domains of gain and loss. In this work, a one-dimensional beam-forming array playing the role of the active part is disturbed from the scattering losses produced by an obstacle in its vicinity. It is found that the placement of the radiating elements leading to perfect beam shaping is practically not affected by the presence of that jammer. A trial-and-error inverse technique of identifying the features of the obstacle is presented based on the difference between the beam target pattern and the actual one. Such a difference is an analytic function of the position, size, and texture of the object, empowering the designer to find the feeding fields for the lasers giving a perfect beam forming. In this way, an optimal beam-shaping equilibrium is re-established by effectively cloaking the object and nullifying its jamming effect.



基金项目:ORAU Nazarbayev University (20162031); Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.13039/501100004561 (BR05236454); Nazarbayev University Small Grant (090118FD5349).




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Constantinos Valagiannopoulos:Department of Physics, School of Science and Technology, Nazarbayev University, 53 Qabanbay Batyr Ave, Astana KZ-010000, Kazakhstan
Vassilios Kovanis:Department of Physics, School of Science and Technology, Nazarbayev University, 53 Qabanbay Batyr Ave, Astana KZ-010000, Kazakhstan

联系人作者:Constantinos Valagiannopoulos(konstantinos.valagiannopoulos@nu.edu.kz)

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Constantinos Valagiannopoulos and Vassilios Kovanis, "Engineering the emission of laser arrays to nullify the jamming from passive obstacles," Photonics Research 6(8), A43 (2018)

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