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Progresson Erbium-Doped Mid-Infrared Laser

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3 μm附近中红外激光在激光医学、生物分子学以及光电对抗等科学和技术领域具有极高的应用前景和价值。介绍了中红外激光的产生方式和各种中红外激光器的特点;结合Er 3+离子能级结构,重点讨论了掺铒中红外激光器主要转换过程和存在的问题;总结了不同基质掺铒中红外激光器的研究进展;展望了高效率、高功率掺铒中红外激光器需要解决的问题及可能的技术途径。


The 3-μm mid-infrared laser has significant application prospects and value in scientific and technical applications such as laser medicine, biomolecular, and optoelectronic countermeasures. This paper describes the generation of mid-infrared lasers and the characteristics of various mid-infrared lasers. Based on the Er 3+ ion level structure, the main conversion process and existing problems of erbium-doped mid-infrared lasers are discussed herein. The research progress of erbium-doped mid-infrared lasers based on different substrates is summarized. The problems that need to be solved and the possible technical approaches for high-efficiency, high-power erbium-doped mid-infrared lasers are envisioned.









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方聪:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124
王思博:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124
惠勇凌:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124
姜梦华:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124
雷訇:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124
李强:北京工业大学激光工程研究院, 北京 100124

联系人作者:雷訇(leihong@bjut.edu.cn); 李强(ncltlq@bjut.edu.cn);


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