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Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Mushroom Spores

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微生物在生态系统中具有重要的作用,所以鉴别微生物具有重要的意义。采用表面增强拉曼光谱(SERS)对雪松花粉(PML)、双色牛肝菌(BBP)孢子、小美牛肝菌(BSF)孢子和紫色粉孢牛肝菌孢子(TPS)进行鉴别研究。结果显示:雪松花粉的常规拉曼信号在1702,1680,1513,1382,1243,1011,793 cm -1处,表面增强之后在1698,1653,1592,1516,1403,1288,1210,813,562 cm -1出现明显的拉曼峰;三种牛肝菌孢子的常规拉曼未显示拉曼峰,雪松花粉、双色牛肝菌孢子、小美牛肝菌孢子和紫色粉孢牛肝菌孢子的表面增强拉曼光谱在1700~1100 cm -1差异明显。结果表明,利用SERS可以实现对雪松花粉、双色牛肝菌孢子、小美牛肝菌孢子和紫色粉孢牛肝菌孢子的鉴别。


Microorganisms play an important role in the ecosystem; thus, the identification of microorganisms is an important task. Herein, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is applied to identify pinus massoniana lamb pollen (PML), boletus bicolor peck (BBP) spores, boletus speciosus frost (BSF) spores, and tylopilus plumbeoviolaceus spores (TPS). Spectroscopy results indicate that, after the surface enhancement, the locations of the conventional Raman signal of PML are at 1702, 1680, 1513, 1382, 1243, 1011, and 793 cm -1, with observable Raman peaks at 1698, 1653, 1592, 1516, 1403, 1288, 1210, 813, and 562 cm -1. Three boletus spores identified via the conventional Raman spectroscopy do not exhibit any Raman peak, whereas the surface-enhanced Raman spectra of PML, BBP spores, BSF spores, and TPS are significantly different in the range of 1700-1100 cm -1. Experimental results validate that SERS can effectively identify PML, BBP spores, BSF spores, and TPS.








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安冉:云南师范大学物理与电子信息学院, 云南 昆明 650500
欧全宏:云南师范大学物理与电子信息学院, 云南 昆明 650500
刘刚:云南师范大学物理与电子信息学院, 云南 昆明 650500
杨卫梅:云南师范大学物理与电子信息学院, 云南 昆明 650500
符致秋:云南师范大学物理与电子信息学院, 云南 昆明 650500
李建美:云南师范大学物理与电子信息学院, 云南 昆明 650500
时有明:曲靖师范学院物理与电子工程学院, 云南 曲靖 655011



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An Ran,Ou Quanhong,Liu Gang,Yang Weimei,Fu Zhiqiu,Li Jianmei,Shi Youming. Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Mushroom Spores[J]. Laser & Optoelectronics Progress, 2019, 56(15): 153001

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