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Plenary Talks

Dr. Ke Wu is Professor of Electrical Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique (University of Montreal). He is also the NSERC-Huawei Industrial Research Chair in Future Wireless Technologies (the first Huawei endowed Chair in the world). He has been the Director of Poly-Grames Research Center... MORE
Ultra-Broadband and Ultra-Fast Technology - Calling for Cooperative Integrated Electronics and Photonics
Ke Wu University of Montreal, Canada
IEEE Fellow, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Fellow of Royal Society of Canada
Current and future wireless and wireline system evolutions, in the spirit of connectivity being “anywhere, anytime, anyone and anything”, advocate for a cooperative and joint development platform of integrated electronics and photonics. This presentation will address and review scientific and engineering issues of high-frequency and high-speed electronics and photonics in connection with fundamental physical hurdles of the much-anticipated ultra-broadband analog and ultra-fast digital applications. In particular, two revolutionary schemes will be highly sought after in the future: first, THz-over-fiber (ToF) which would enable the networking of THz bandwidth communication and sensing; and second, pico-second interconnects which would realize massive chip-to-chip data transfer with high signal integrity. To transform these two technological dreams into reality, critical components and techniques will be required. To this end, an emerging concept of mode-selective transmission line will be exposed and detailed with its physical mechanism for low-loss and low-dispersion super-wideband and ultra-fast signal transmissions over the DC-THz spectrum. Early theoretical and experimental results have created new excitement for the future of electronics and photonics.
Microwave and Optical Phased Arrays using Silicon Photonics
John Bowers University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
IEEE Fellow, OSA Fellow, Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering

Abstract & Biography
5G RAN’s Revolutionary Transformation
Chih-Lin I Chief Scientist of China Mobile, China
Chief Scientist
The ambitious 5G vision leads to a evolutionary revolution of RAN technologies and, directly or indirectly, spread to the transport industry. As a Chinese old saying goes, food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses, which marks the importance of logistics. In the context of 5G, this could be translated to that transport network is more important than ever. In this talk, first, we will bring the audience our vision, achievements, and on-going effort on 5G RAN transformation towards a Soft, Smart and open-Source RAN. Furthermore, the critical requirements imposed on underlined transport will be introduced, accompanied by potential solutions as well as our latest achievements in the area of NGFI, from requirements, architecture to PoC development. CMCC sees great potential in MWP, an interdisciplinary field that combines microwave engineering and photonics, especially its applications in the areas that can revolutionize the future RAN architecture and implementation, such as fronthaul, backhaul and cloud RoF networks, etc. CMCC has led and impacted the work of MWP community for the past 5 years through our work on NGFI (xHaul). In the future, we believe the ownership model of enabling network sharing and the business model of integrated optical-wireless access systems will be instrumental in realizing a successful 5G.
Prof. Ton Koonen graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)... MORE
Indoor Ultra-High Capacity Optical Wireless Communication using Steerable Infrared Beams
Ton Koonen Eindhoven University of Technology
IEEE Fellow, OSA Fellow
Free-space infrared beams can offer unprecedented data capacity to devices individually, by means of unshared connections which have a large link power budget. Two solutions based on passive diffractive modules are presented which perform wavelength-controlled 2D beam steering while minimizing power consumption. Downstream capacities up to 112Gbit/s per beam were experimentally demonstrated. In a hybrid system demonstrator, 60GHz techniques provided upstream capacity up to 5Gbit/s. Also an all-optical optical wireless communication system concept has been demonstrated, and a novel concept for an aperture-and-bandwidth-optimized integrated optical receiver is presented.


Invited Talks


◆François Deborgies
The European Space Agency (ESA), the Netherlands
Topic/Title: Space application of photonics


◆Xihua Zou
Southwest Jiaotong University, China
Topic/Title: Microwave Photonics for High-speed Railway Applications: communication, detection and sensing


◆Xinying Li
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Topic/Title: Photonics-aided W-band wireless millimeter-wave signal transmission


◆Wangzhe Li
Institute of Electronics Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Topic/Title: Microwave photonic synthetic aperture radar


◆Jerome Bourderionnet
Thales Research & Technology, France
Topic/Title: Silicon photonic circuits for RF filtering and LIDAR applications


◆Xiaoke Yi
University of Sydney, Australia
Topic/Title: Integrated Microwave Photoinc Signal Processor


◆Jonathan Klamkin
University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), USA
Topic/Title: 3D hybrid photonic integration


◆Lukas Chrostowski
University of British Columbia, Canada
Topic/Title: Silicon photonics for microwave photonics applications


◆Toshimasa Umezawa
National Institute of Information and Communications (NICT), Japan
Topic/Title: Ultrafast photo-dioode


◆Longfei Shen
JePPIX, the Netherlands
Topic/Title: High-speed membrane-type photodetectors on silicon substrates for wireless communications


◆Luc Augustin
SMART photonics, the Netherlands
Topic/Title: InP based platform for MWP


◆Kebin Shi
Peking University
Topic/Title: Sensing and imaging applications by using mode-locking laser based microwave photonics


◆Leslie Ann Rusch
University Laval, Canada
Topic/Title: Virtualizing Cloud RAN by piggybacking on WDM-PON channels


Banquet & Show

Banquent Time: 19:00-21:30
Location: Laoshe Teahouse
Laoshe Teahouse (老舍茶馆) is named after the very famous play, was built in 1988. Besides offering varied Chinese tea and Chinese traditional meal, it is also a wonderful entertainment house with short shows including comedians, singers, musicians, acrobats and opera performers. In short, one can have a kaleidoscopic view of Beijing culture while sipping tea with light refreshment. Until now, more than 100 foreign VIPs Patronized Laoshe Teahouse.