%0 Journal Article %T 3D depth-coded photoacoustic microscopy with a large field of view for human skin imaging %O Chin. Opt. Lett. %A Zhongwen Cheng %A Haigang Ma %A Zhiyang Wang %A Sihua Yang %J Chinese Optics Letters %@ 1671-7694 %V 16 %N 8 %D 2018 %P 081701-1 %K 170.5120; 170.0110; 170.3880; 170.3010. %X Photoacoustic (PA) microscopy comes with high potential for human skin imaging, since it allows noninvasively high-resolution imaging of the natural hemoglobin at depths of several millimeters. Here, we developed a PA microscopy to achieve high-resolution, high-contrast, and large field of view imaging of skin. A three-dimensional (3D) depth-coding technology was used to encode the depth information in PA images, which is very intuitive for identifying the depth of blood vessels in a two-dimensional image, and the vascular structure can be analyzed at different depths. Imaging results demonstrate that the 3D depth-coded PA microscopy should be translated from the bench to the bedside. %R 10.3788/col201816.081701 %U http://www.opticsjournal.net/Articles/Abstract?aid=OJ180801000028OlRnUq %W 中国光学期刊网 %1 JIS Version 3.0.0