Feature Issue Announcement : Extraordinary 2D Materials Based Nanophotonics

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2018

Chinese Optics Letters (COL) invites original manuscript submissions for a Feature Issue on Extraordinary 2D Materials Based Nanophotonics to be published in February 2019. Extraordinary two-dimensional materials (E2DMs) beyond graphene such as black phosphorus (BP), Antimonene and MXene exhibit excellent optoelectronic and mechanical properties as well as high theoretical specific capacity, which make them potentially cover a broad wavelength range from mid-infrared to partial visible spectrum for light detection, modulation and generation applications. Compared with graphene or traditional nano-materials based nanophotonic devices, these E2DMs based nanophotonic devices possess higher photoresponsivity. High-performance nanophotonic devices have been made by using various E2DMs, such as Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDCs) and BP. The Feature issue focuses on the recent advances in nanophotonic devices based on E2DMs, including photodetectors and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The E2DMs pave a new way to construct next-generation high-performance nanophotonic devices and we believe that those devices will be seen in our daily life and change our lifestyle in the immediate future.

The scope of this Feature Issue covers all aspects of experimental research related to E2DMs beyond graphene for nanophotonics. Specific areas of interest in E2DMs include, but not limited to:

● Photo-detectors

● Optical nonlinearity

● Optical modulators

● Plasmonics

● Flexible optics/optoelectronic devices

● Light-emitting diodes

● Communications, imaging, and sensing based on E2DMs

Guest Editors:

Prof. Han Zhang, Email: hzhang@szu.edu.cn

Shenzhen University, China

Prof. Haibo Zeng, Email: zeng.haibo@njust.edu.cn

Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Prof. Qiaoliang Bao, Email: qiaoliang.bao@monash.edu

Monash University, Australia

Submission format:

Authors should use the MS-Word or Latex style files. Please upload the submission at the website: http://www.col.opticsx.org with the mark of “Special Issue on Extraordinary 2D Materials Based Nanophotonics”. If you have any questions, please email to col@siom.ac.cn.