Avionics and Vehicle Fiber-Optics and Photonics Conference (AVFOP)

时间:2018-06-12 20:03

会议名称(英文):Avionics and Vehicle Fiber-Optics and Photonics Conference (AVFOP)

开始日期: 2018-11-13
       结束日期: 2018-11-15

所在国家: USA


We would like to welcome you to the Avionics and Vehicle Fiber-Optics and Photonics Conference 2018 (AVFOP) in Portland, Oregon USA at the Crowne Plaza Portland Downtown Convention Center! The first AVFOP was held in 2004, as a result of a U.S. government and industry consensus championing a standalone fiber optics and photonics conference dedicated to the field of avionics. In recent years, the aerospace, land, and sea vehicle industries have made great strides deploying fiber optics and photonics technology on commercial and military platforms. This trend will continue to grow as fiber optic system architectures, networking schemes, and components evolve and mature. Fifteen years later, the AVFOP conference provides an indispensable international forum for the academic, industry, and government R&D community developing fiber-optic/ photonic components and system technologies for avionics. While from the beginning the topics discussed and solicited have been inclusive of all mobile platforms, this year, in addition to avionics, we would like to specifically encourage papers covering fiber optic / photonics technologies across mobile platforms, on surface ships, submarines, and ground vehicles. The conference program will feature select expert invited speakers, but we again rely on a strong contributed paper program, and ask all of you to submit your work and meet us in Portland in 2018. The AVFOP conference has attracted a strong group of exhibitors in past years and we expect this trend to continue, providing the participants with an opportunity for direct interaction with vendors during the conference. We welcome your participation in the AVFOP 2018, and look forward to seeing you in Portland!

Optical Components & Modules
Active / Passive
Analog / Digital / WDM
Discrete / Integrated
Cable Assemblies (Fibers / Cables / Connectors / Termini / Splices)
Optical Sensors
Optical Links and Networks
Analog (ULF to EHF)
Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM)
Fiber-Based / Free-Space
Modeling & Simulation
Manufacturing / Packaging
Health Monitoring / Built-In Test
Supportability and Maintainability
Fiber Optic Deployment

Important Date
      Online submission Deadline: 18 June 2018
      Pre-Registration Deadline: 15 October 2018
      会议日期: 2018-11-13日至15日