Photonics Research, 2021, 9 (12): 12002475, Published Online: Nov. 18, 2021   

Bifunctional ultraviolet light-emitting/detecting device based on a SnO2 microwire/p-GaN heterojunction

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1 College of Science, MIIT Key Laboratory of Aerospace Information Materials and Physics, Key Laboratory for Intelligent Nano Materials and Devices, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 211106, China
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SnO2 has attracted considerable attention due to its wide bandgap, large exciton binding energy, and outstanding electrical and optoelectronic features. Owing to the lack of reliable and reproducible p-type SnO2, many challenges on developing SnO2-based optoelectronic devices and their practical applications still remain. Herein, single-crystal SnO2 microwires (MWs) are acquired via the self-catalyzed approach. As a strategic alternative, n-SnO2 MW/p-GaN heterojunction was constructed, which exhibited selectable dual-functionalities of light-emitting and photodetection when operated by applying an appropriate voltage. The device illustrated a distinct near-ultraviolet light-emission peaking at 395.0 nm and a linewidth 50 nm. Significantly, the device characteristics, in terms of the main peak positions and linewidth, are nearly invariant as functions of various injection current, suggesting that quantum-confined Stark effect is essentially absent. Meanwhile, the identical n-SnO2 MW/p-GaN heterojunction can also achieve photovoltaic-type light detection. The device can steadily feature ultraviolet photodetecting ability, including the ultraviolet/visible rejection ratio (R360 nm/R400 nm) 1.5×103, high photodark current ratio of 105, fast response speed of 9.2/51 ms, maximum responsivity of 1.5 A/W, and detectivity of 1.3×1013 Jones under 360 nm light at -3 V bias. Therefore, the bifunctional device not only displays distinct near-ultraviolet light emission, but also has the ability of high-sensitive ultraviolet photodetection. The novel design of n-SnO2 MW/p-GaN heterojunction bifunctional systems is expected to open doors to practical application of SnO2 microstructures/nanostructures for large-scale device miniaturization, integration and multifunction in next-generation high-performance photoelectronic devices.

Tong Xu, Mingming Jiang, Peng Wan, Kai Tang, Daning Shi, Caixia Kan. Bifunctional ultraviolet light-emitting/detecting device based on a SnO2 microwire/p-GaN heterojunction[J]. Photonics Research, 2021, 9(12): 12002475.

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