Author Affiliations
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Peter Grünberg Research Center, Nanjing, China
Suitable optoelectronic integration platforms enable the realization of numerous application systems at the chip scale and are highly anticipated in the rapidly growing market. We report a GaN-on-silicon-based photonic integration platform and demonstrate a photonic integrated chip comprising a light source, modulator, photodiode (PD), waveguide, and Y-branch splitter based on this platform. The light source, modulator, and PD adopt the same multiple quantum wells (MQWs) diode structure without encountering incompatibility problems faced in other photonic integration approaches. The waveguide-structure MQW electro-absorption modulator has obvious indirect light modulation capability, and its absorption coefficient changes with the applied bias voltage. The results successfully validate the data transmission and processing using near-ultraviolet light with peak emission wavelength of 386 nm. The proposed complete active–passive approach that has simple fabrication and low cost provides new prospects for next-generation photonic integration.
GaN photonic integration multiple quantum wells modulator 
Advanced Photonics Nexus
2023, 2(4): 046003
南京邮电大学 彼得·格林贝格尔研究中心,江苏 南京 210003
AlGaN 基深紫外(Deep ultraviolet,DUV)发光二极管(Light?emitting diode,LED)可用于杀菌、水体净化、光疗、固化、传感和非视距通信等场合,在生物、环境、工业、医疗和**等领域具有广阔的应用前景。针对现阶段 DUV LED 外量子效率较低的问题,本文提出了一种超薄垂直结构的 DUV LED 方案。该方案基于蓝宝石‐硅晶圆键合和物理减薄工艺实现了高质量 DUV LED 外延层从蓝宝石衬底到高导热硅基板的转移,并采用转移后亚微米厚度的超薄外延层制备出垂直结构的 AlGaN DUV LED。器件的出光面在减薄工艺后无需特殊的化学处理便可实现纳米级的粗化,配合超薄外延层结构具备显著的失谐微腔效应,有助于破坏高阶波导模式,从而增加 TM 波的出光并提升器件的出光效率。测试表明,转移后的外延层厚度约为 710 nm,制备出的 DUV LED 发光光谱峰值波长约为 271 nm。该垂直结构 DUV LED 制备方案为实现高效 DUV 光源提供了可行路径。
深紫外发光二极管 外延层转移 晶圆键合 减薄工艺 DUV LED epilayer transfer wafer bonding thinning process 
2023, 44(2): 321
Author Affiliations
Grünberg Research Centre, College of Telecommunications and Information Engineering, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing 210003, China
To date, fluorescence imaging systems have all relied on at least one beam splitter (BS) to ensure the separation of excitation light and fluorescence. Here, we reported SiO2/TiO2 multi-layer long pass filter integrated GaN LED. It is considered as the potential source for imaging systems. Experimental results indicate that the GaN LED shows blue emission peaked at 470.3 nm and can be used to excite dye materials. Integrating with a long pass filter (550 nm), the light source can be used to establish a real-time fluorescence detection for dyes that emit light above 550 nm. More interestingly, with this source, a real-time imaging system with signature words written with the dyes, such as ‘N J U P T’, can be converted into CCD images. This work may lead to a new strategy for integrating light sources and BS mirrors to build mini and smart fluorescence imaging systems.
GaN LED self-filtering illumination source fluorescence imaging 
Chinese Optics Letters
2023, 21(1): 011101

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