Author Affiliations
China Mobile Group Design Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing 100080, China
A distributed architecture of optical line terminal (OLT) equipment is proposed for response to national bandwidth acceleration requirements and for future smooth evolution to 50G passive optical network (PON). This architecture moves the forwarding function of the control board to each service board to improve the switching capacity and performance of the system. The traditional control boards of centralized architecture OLT equipment have exchange and traffic processing function, and every service board is only controlled by the control board. In the distributed architecture of OLT equipment, control boards still maintain exchange function, whereas service boards have traffic processing functions. This method separates the exchange and traffic processing functions, which improves reliability. This paper also presents optical access network equipment combined with telemetry technology that provides reliable guarantee for intelligent analysis and data mining. Compared with the traditional push mode of network management, the data collected by network management combined with telemetry technology and artificial intelligence (AI) analysis can be used for network planning, assurance of the bandwidth and accurate operation.
2023, 19(3): 159

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