Author Affiliations
1 Engineering Research Center of Precision Photonics Integration and System Application, Ministry of Education & Key Laboratory of Intelligent Optical Sensing and Manipulation, Ministry of Education & National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures & College of Engineering and Applied Sciences & Institute of Optical Communication Engineering & Nanjing University-Tongding Joint Lab for Large-Scale Photonic Integrated Circuits, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210023, China
2 College of Electronics and Optical Engineering and College of Flexible Electronics, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing 210023, China
3 The 41st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corp, Qingdao 266000, China
The stable long-distance transmission of radio-frequency (RF) signals holds significant importance from various aspects, including the comparison of optical frequency standards, remote monitoring and control, scientific research and experiments, and RF spectrum management. We demonstrate a scheme where an ultrastable frequency signal was transmitted over a 50 km coiled fiber. The optical RF signal is generated using a two-section distributed feedback (DFB) laser for direct modulation based on the reconstruction equivalent chirp (REC) technique. The 3-dB modulation bandwidth of the two-section DFB laser is 18 GHz and the residual phase noise of -122.87 dBc/Hz is achieved at 10-Hz offset frequency. We report a short-term stability of 1.62×10-14 at an average time of 1 s and a long-term stability of 6.55×10-18 at the measurement time of 62,000 s when applying current to the front section of the DFB laser. By applying power to both sections, the stability of the system improves to 4.42×10-18 within a testing period of 56,737 s. Despite applying temperature variations to the transmission link, long-term stability of 8.63×10-18 at 23.9 h can still be achieved.
frequency dissemination two-section DFB laser phase stability 
Chinese Optics Letters
2024, 22(1): 013903
四川大学电子信息学院,四川成都 610065
针对无法实现先验的边缘检测场景,并解决边缘提取效率过低的问题,提出一种更高效的基于傅里叶单像素成像的亚像素级边缘检测方法。该方法结合快速傅里叶单像素成像,减少图像算法的相移步数,在原有四步相移的基础上分别实现了三步相移与两步相移边缘检测。该算法上的改进能够在同等采样数下扩大参与边缘提取的频谱宽度,从而提升边缘提取效率。数值仿真结果表明,与四步相移亚像素级边缘检测相比,无噪声条件下两步相移在 655~13100次左右的采样数区间内峰值信噪比增长幅度高出 2.27dB,噪声条件下低于 0.054噪声浮动比率时两步相移方法可以获得比四步相移更高的边缘提取质量。该方法可以一定程度上提升边缘提取效率,同时促进单像素成像领域与图像处理方向的技术交叉和应用化发展。
单像素成像 边缘检测 傅里叶变换 相移算法 亚像素平 single pixel imaging edge detection Fourier transform phase shift algorithm sub-pixel translation 
2023, 21(4): 26
姚坤杉 1孙俊 1陈晨 2徐敏 1[ ... ]周鑫 1
1 江苏大学电气信息工程学院, 江苏 镇江 212013
2 江苏科技大学经济管理学院, 江苏 镇江 212100
三七是一种传统的中药材, 具有较高的药用价值。 目前市场上中药售假的现象屡见不鲜, 许多不法商贩将三七支根或剪口粉末假冒主根粉末销售, 严重损害了消费者的利益。 利用高光谱技术结合多元分析方法实现三七不同部位粉末的快速无损鉴别。 通过高光谱成像系统分别采集了三七剪口、 须根和主根粉末在400~1 000 nm范围内的高光谱图像, 共300个样本。 采用Savitzky-Golay(SG)平滑结合标准变量变换(SNV)的方法对高光谱数据进行去噪和消除因散射引起的光谱差异。 为了移除光谱变量中的重迭和冗余信息, 利用竞争自适应重加权采样(CARS)算法和本文提出的一种考虑了变量间交互作用的二进制竞争自适应重加权采样(BCARS)算法进行特征波长选择。 最后分别建立了基于全光谱、 CARS和BCARS特征波长的支持向量机(SVM)和极端梯度提升(XGBoost)分类模型。 结果表明, BCARS-XGBoost模型的分类效果最优, 训练集和测试集的分类准确率分别为100%和99.33%。 与CARS相比, BCARS所选择的特征波长数量较少, 有助于多光谱系统和便携式仪器的开发。 利用高光谱技术结合BCARS-XGBoost模型鉴别三七不同部位粉末是可行的。
高光谱 三七 极端梯度提升 特征波长选择 Hyperspectral imaging Panax notoginseng XGBoost Feature wavelength selection 
2023, 43(7): 2027
Author Affiliations
1 School of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, China
2 Nanofabrication facility, Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou 215123, China
3 Research Center of Laser Crystal, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800, China
4 Hangzhou Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Hangzhou 311421, China
Homoepitaxial growth of Si-doped β-Ga2O3 films on semi-insulating (100) β-Ga2O3 substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) is studied in this work. By appropriately optimizing the growth conditions, an increasing diffusion length of Ga adatoms is realized, suppressing 3D island growth patterns prevalent in (100) β-Ga2O3 films and optimizing the surface morphology with [010] oriented stripe features. The slightly Si-doped β-Ga2O3 film shows smooth and flat surface morphology with a root-mean-square roughness of 1.3 nm. Rocking curves of the (400) diffraction peak also demonstrate the high crystal quality of the Si-doped films. According to the capacitance–voltage characteristics, the effective net doping concentrations of the films are 5.41 × 1015 – 1.74 × 1020 cm−3. Hall measurements demonstrate a high electron mobility value of 51 cm2/(V·s), corresponding to a carrier concentration of 7.19 × 1018 cm−3 and a high activation efficiency of up to 61.5%. Transmission line model (TLM) measurement shows excellent Ohmic contacts and a low specific contact resistance of 1.29 × 10-4 Ω·cm2 for the Si-doped film, which is comparable to the Si-implanted film with a concentration of 5.0 × 1019 cm−3, confirming the effective Si doing in the MOCVD epitaxy.
homoepitaxial growth MOCVD Si-doping films high activation efficiency Ohmic contacts 
Journal of Semiconductors
2023, 44(6): 062801
Author Affiliations
1 School of Nano Technology and Nano Bionics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, China
2 Nano Fabrication Facility, Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou 215123, China
Power electronic devices are of great importance in modern society. After decades of development, Si power devices have approached their material limits with only incremental improvements and large conversion losses. As the demand for electronic components with high efficiency dramatically increasing, new materials are needed for power device fabrication. Beta-phase gallium oxide, an ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor, has been considered as a promising candidate, and various β-Ga2O3 power devices with high breakdown voltages have been demonstrated. However, the realization of enhancement-mode (E-mode) β-Ga2O3 field-effect transistors (FETs) is still challenging, which is a critical problem for a myriad of power electronic applications. Recently, researchers have made some progress on E-mode β-Ga2O3 FETs via various methods, and several novel structures have been fabricated. This article gives a review of the material growth, devices and properties of these E-mode β-Ga2O3 FETs. The key challenges and future directions in E-mode β-Ga2O3 FETs are also discussed.
enhancement mode FETs β-Ga2O3 
Journal of Semiconductors
2023, 44(6): 061801
刘家盈 1,2,3李自强 1,2杨然 1,2,3邹凡 1,2,3[ ... ]李新阳 1,2
1 中国科学院 自适应光学重点实验室,成都 610209
2 中国科学院 光电技术研究所,成都 610209
3 中国科学院大学,北京 100049
光纤激光相控阵 相干合成 分布式孔径 相位调控 自适应光学 phased fiber laser array coherent beam combination distributed-apertures phase regulation adaptive optics 
2023, 35(4): 041003
1 重庆邮电大学 光电工程学院,重庆 400060
2 电子科技大学 电子薄膜与集成器件国家重点实验室,成都 610054
3 中国电子科技集团公司 第五十八研究所, 江苏 无锡 214035
对高压SOI pLDMOS器件总剂量辐射效应进行了研究。分析了不同偏置条件下器件击穿电压的退化机理,并使用TCAD在不同氧化层界面引入固定陷阱电荷,仿真了电离辐射总剂量效应。结果表明,总剂量辐射在FOX和BOX引入辐射陷阱电荷QBOX和QFOX。QFOX增加了漏极附近横向电场,降低了埋氧层电场,使击穿位置由体内转到表面,导致击穿电压退化。QBOX降低了埋氧层电场,降低了埋氧层压降,导致击穿电压退化。
总剂量辐射 击穿电压 辐射陷阱电荷 total-ionizing-dose effect SOI pLDMOS SOI pLDMOS BV radiation trap charge 
2022, 52(4): 706
1 中国电子科技集团公团 第五十八研究所, 江苏 无锡 214035
2 株洲中车时代半导体有限公司, 湖南 株洲 412000
3 电子科技大学 功率集成技术实验室, 成都 610054
4 电子科技大学 广东电子信息工程研究院, 广东 东莞 523808
提出了一种基于体硅的表面超结横向绝缘栅双极晶体管(SSJ LIGBT)。分析了工艺参数注入剂量和注入能量对器件性能的影响,基于耐压需求的考虑,设计并优化了SSJ LIGBT器件及其终端。对该SSJ LIGBT进行了击穿特性、输出特性和转移特性的测试。测试结果表明,该SSJ LIGBT的耐压达到693 V,比导通电阻仅为6.45 Ω·mm2。
横向绝缘栅双极型晶体管 表面超结 终端设计 耐压 比导通电阻 LIGBT surface superjunction termination technology withstand voltage specific on-resistance 
2022, 52(3): 454
1 重庆交通大学, a.机电与车辆工程学院
2 重庆交通大学, b.航空学院, 重庆 400000
3 c.绿色航空技术研究院, 重庆 401000
4 绿色航空能源动力重庆市重点实验室, 重庆 401000
针对四旋翼无人机轨迹跟踪控制中非线性、欠驱动、强耦合、多变量的控制难点问题, 提出了一种基于扩张状态观测器的串级全局快速终端滑模控制策略, 该控制策略使得系统具有快速感知并实时消除内外干扰的功能, 而且能保证系统在有限时间内迅速收敛到平衡状态。此外, 通过Lyapunov理论证明了控制系统的稳定性。仿真实验证明, 在四旋翼无人机模型中考虑了电机动态特性、外部干扰并避免了姿态角小扰动假设的情况下, 所提控制算法能够提高系统的鲁棒性能, 保证无人机的轨迹跟踪精度。
四旋翼无人机 轨迹跟踪 滑模控制 扩张状态观测器 quadrotor UAV trajectory tracking Sliding Mode Control (SMC) Extended State Observer (ESO) 
2022, 29(6): 50
周鑫 1,2,3邹凡 1,2,3姜佳丽 1,2李枫 1,2[ ... ]李新阳 1,2
1 中国科学院自适应光学重点实验室,四川 成都 610209
2 中国科学院光电技术研究所,四川 成都 610209
3 中国科学院大学,北京 100049

光纤激光相控阵 光束扫描 甚多孔径 相位操控 fiber laser phased array beam steering numerous sub-aperture phase control 
2022, 49(7): 210414

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