Author Affiliations
1 Zhejiang Lab, Research Center for Humanoid Sensing, Hangzhou, China
2 Zhejiang University, College of Optical Science and Engineering, International Research Center for Advanced Photonics, State Key Laboratory of Extreme Photonics and Instrumentation, Hangzhou, China
Imaging through multimode fiber (MMF) provides high-resolution imaging through a fiber with cross section down to tens of micrometers. It requires interferometry to measure the full transmission matrix (TM), leading to the drawbacks of complicated experimental setup and phase instability. Reference-less TM retrieval is a promising robust solution that avoids interferometry, since it recovers the TM from intensity-only measurements. However, the long computational time and failure of 3D focusing still limit its application in MMF imaging. We propose an efficient reference-less TM retrieval method by developing a nonlinear optimization algorithm based on fast Fourier transform (FFT). Furthermore, we develop an algorithm to correct the phase offset error of retrieved TM using defocused intensity images and hence achieve 3D focusing. The proposed method is validated by both simulations and experiments. The FFT-based TM retrieval algorithm achieves orders of magnitude of speedup in computational time and recovers 2286 × 8192 TM of a 0.22 NA and 50 μm diameter MMF with 112.9 s by a computer of 32 CPU cores. With the advantages of efficiency and correction of phase offset, our method paves the way for the application of reference-less TM retrieval in not only MMF imaging but also broader applications requiring TM calibration.
transmission matrix retrieval multimode fiber imaging through scattering 
Advanced Photonics Nexus
2023, 2(5): 056007
刘强 1,2周飞 3张俊瑾 3卢忠远 1[ ... ]李军 1
1 西南科技大学, 环境友好能源材料国家重点实验室, 绵阳 621010
2 西南科技大学, 材料科学与工程学院, 绵阳 621010
3 成都蜀源港泰新型建材有限公司, 成都 611700
4 西南科技大学, 土木工程与建筑学院, 绵阳 621010
5 嘉华特种水泥股份有限公司, 乐山 614003
早期水化活性过低是限制冶炼渣在胶凝材料体系中大掺量应用的重要因素之一。利用固硫灰(CFBA)中的硫酸盐激发硅锰渣(SM)水化活性, 并研究硅锰渣-固硫灰复合辅助性胶凝材料的水化过程及活性发展。结果表明: 随着固硫灰掺量增加, 胶砂流动度大幅下降, 但其早期和后期活性得到有效提升; 当固硫灰掺量为10%(质量分数)时, 复合辅助性胶凝材料3 d、7 d和28 d活性指数分别达到61%、71%和95%, 均高于单独使用硅锰渣体系(3 d、7 d和28 d活性指数分别为50%、53%和81%)。固硫灰的掺入激发了水泥和辅助性胶凝材料的早期水化, 延缓了水化过程中钙矾石转变为单硫型水化硫铝酸钙(AFm), 使得胶凝材料早期水化形成更多钙矾石。
硅锰渣 固硫灰 复合辅助性胶凝材料 活性指数 水化 流动性 silicomanganese slag circulating fluidized bed combustion ash composite supplementary cementitious material activity index hydration fluidity 
2022, 41(5): 1715
Author Affiliations
1 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China
2 Center for Flexible RF Technology, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China
3 State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves, School of Information Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China
Two-dimensional (2D) bismuth, bismuthene, is an emerging pnictogen family member that has received increasing research attention in the past few years, which could yield exotic electrical, thermal, and optical properties due to unique band structure. This review provides a holistic view of recent research advances on 2D bismuth material synthesis and device applications in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Firstly, the atomic and band structure of bismuthene is reviewed as the fundamental understanding of its physical properties. Then, it highlights material synthesis of 2D bismuth atomic sheets with emphasis on physical vapor deposition method with accurate layer controllability and process compatibility with CMOS technology. Moreover, it will survey latest applications of 2D bismuth in terms of electronic, optic, thermoelectric, spintronic and magnetic nanodevices. 2D bismuth derivatives (Bi–X, X = Sb, Te, Se) will also be mentioned as a promising strategy to further improve device performance. At last, it concludes with a brief summary on the current challenges and future prospects in 2D bismuth and its derivatives for innovative electronics, sensors and other devices compatible with CMOS techniques.
Journal of Semiconductors
2020, 41(8): 081001
1 国核电站运行服务技术有限公司, 上海 200233
2 上海工程技术大学, 上海 201620
采用自主研发的分离式激光整形和环形反射聚焦系统,对小口径管件内壁进行了重熔,并对重熔后的试样进行了宏观成形与显微组织分析。结果表明:该系统无需旋转机构即可实现对口径在30 mm以下的管件进行内壁重熔;在优化的工艺参数条件下,重熔层成形质量良好,无螺旋形搭接边和焊接鱼鳞纹;熔池呈圆环形,可有效防止热裂纹的产生;随着激光扫描次数增加,重熔层的熔深先增大后变小;随着扫描速率增大,重熔层的熔深降低,表面粗糙度降低。
激光技术 聚焦系统 重熔 小口径管件内壁 堆焊 laser technology focusing system re-melting inner face of small-bore tube overlaying 
2019, 46(4): 0402010
哈尔滨工业大学可调谐激光技术国家级重点实验室, 黑龙江 哈尔滨 150080
光栅 空间光调制器 艾里光束 湍流 相位调制 gratings spatial light modulator Airy beams turbulence phase modulation 
2013, 40(12): 1213001

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