Author Affiliations
Key Laboratory of Light Field Manipulation and Information Acquisition, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Optical Information Technology, School of Physical Science and Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710129, China
The conversion-efficiency for second-harmonic (SH) in optical fibers is significantly limited by extremely weak second-order nonlinearity of fused silica, and pulse pump lasers with high peak power are widely employed. Here, we propose a simple strategy to efficiently realize the broadband and continuous wave (CW) pumped SH, by transferring a crystalline GaSe coating onto a microfiber with phase-matching diameter. In the experiment, high efficiency up to 0.08 %W-1mm-1 is reached for a C-band pump laser. The high enough efficiency not only guarantees SH at a single frequency pumped by a CW laser, but also multi-frequencies mixing supported by three CW light sources. Moreover, broadband SH spectrum is also achieved under the pump of a superluminescent light-emitting diode source with a 79.3 nm bandwidth. The proposed scheme provides a beneficial method to the enhancement of various nonlinear parameter processes, development of quasi-monochromatic or broadband CW light sources at new wavelength regions.
nonlinear optics second-harmonic generation continuous wave pump high efficiency multi-frequencies mixing broad spectra microfibers gallium selenide 
Opto-Electronic Advances
2023, 6(9): 230012
1 中国科学院空天信息创新研究院,北京 100094
2 中国科学院大学光电学院,北京 100049
从被动调Q速率方程出发,理论上研究了准连续波激光二极管(LD)泵浦Yb∶KYW/Cr4+∶YAG激光器时泵浦参数对脉冲输出特性的影响,通过数值计算解析了调Q脉冲延时、脉冲宽度、子脉冲序列等特性与泵浦速率的关系,从而获得最优化泵浦光占空比,有效减少连续波泵浦产生的热效应。进一步,在实验上采用高重频LD泵浦源,通过调控泵浦参数实现了被动调Q激光的重复频率、脉冲延时、脉冲串子脉冲个数等输出特征的准确锁定和控制。当采用泵浦功率为15.6 W、占空比分别为6.50%、8.00%和9.65%时,获得单脉冲、双脉冲和三脉冲的稳定输出,提高了泵浦脉冲和激光脉冲的耦合共振,实验结果与理论计算吻合较好。
激光器与激光光学 被动调Q Yb∶KYW 准连续波泵浦 脉冲产生 脉冲串 
2023, 60(7): 0714003
1 Department of Precision Instrument Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072Changqing Wang
2 Department of Precision Instrument Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072Jianquan Yao
3 Department of Precision Instrument Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072
Ti:A12O3laser quasi-continuous wave pump 
Chinese Journal of Lasers B
1992, 1(6): 485

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