Author Affiliations
College of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China
In this work, a confined-doped fiber with the core/inner-cladding diameter of 40/250 μm and a relative doping ratio of 0.75 is fabricated through a modified chemical vapor deposition method combined with the chelate gas deposition technique, and subsequently applied in a tandem-pumped fiber amplifier for high-power operation and transverse mode instability (TMI) mitigation. Notably, the impacts of the seed laser power and mode purity are preliminarily investigated through comparative experiments. It is found that the TMI threshold could be significantly affected by the seed laser mode purity. The possible mechanism behind this phenomenon is proposed and revealed through comprehensive comparative experiments and theoretical analysis. Finally, a maximum output power of 7.49 kW is obtained with the beam quality factor of approximately 1.83, which is the highest output power ever reported in a forward tandem-pumped confined-doped fiber amplifier. This work could provide a good reference and practical solution to improve the TMI threshold and realize high-power high-brightness fiber lasers.
confined-doped fiber fiber laser good beam quality high power transverse mode instability mitigation 
High Power Laser Science and Engineering
2022, 10(6): 06000e44
国防科技大学 前沿交叉学科学院,长沙 410073
当前光纤激光功率提升受限于模式不稳定效应及非线性效应,为了克服上述功率提升限制因素,自主设计并研制了大模场部分掺杂光纤。最终,采用自研部分掺杂光纤及后向级联泵浦方案,成功实现了10.1 kW的光纤激光输出,对应的光束质量因子(M2)为2.16。
高功率 光纤激光 部分掺杂光纤 高光束质量 high power fiber laser confined-doped fiber good beam quality 
2022, 34(11): 111002

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