Author Affiliations
1 Institute of Photonic Chips, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China
2 School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China
3 Nokia Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd., Shanghai 201206, China
4 College of Medical Instruments, Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Shanghai 201318, China
Edge detection for low-contrast phase objects cannot be performed directly by the spatial difference of intensity distribution. In this work, an all-optical diffractive neural network (DPENet) based on the differential interference contrast principle to detect the edges of phase objects in an all-optical manner is proposed. Edge information is encoded into an interference light field by dual Wollaston prisms without lenses and light-speed processed by the diffractive neural network to obtain the scale-adjustable edges. Simulation results show that DPENet achieves F-scores of 0.9308 (MNIST) and 0.9352 (NIST) and enables real-time edge detection of biological cells, achieving an F-score of 0.7462.
diffractive neural network edge detection phase objects 
Chinese Optics Letters
2024, 22(1): 011102
华南师范大学 物理与电信工程学院 量子调控工程与材料实验室, 广州 510006
为了实现生物组织及相位光栅等透明相位物体的快速定量相位测量与成像, 基于共轴干涉及相衬干涉原理, 构建了一套相位物体定量相位快速测量与成像系统。分析了定量成像原理, 设计了相应的相位提取及恢复算法。通过拍摄单幅或两幅相衬图, 实现了相位光栅、水滴等小相位变化的相位样品的定量相位测量与成像。设计了相应的分区差分相位解包裹算法, 实现了相位值超过π的微透镜的定量相位测量与成像。结果表明, 通过该系统测量所得到的全息相位光栅的相位分布以及不同超声驱动电压下弱超声驻波光栅的相位振幅变化关系与其它方法所得的测量结果基本一致; 微透镜的实验测量厚度值与理论计算值相比, 绝对误差约为0.03μm。本系统具有一定的可行性和适应性, 在生物细胞和组织等透明相位物体的快速测量与成像方面有潜在的应用意义。
成像系统 定量相位成像 干涉 相位物体 单幅或两幅相衬图 imaging systems quantitative phase imaging interference phase objects one or two phase contrast images 
2017, 41(2): 275
南京大学物理系, 南京 210008
分束器 光栅 位相物体 beam splitter grating phase objects 
1993, 20(1): 34

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