Author Affiliations
1 School of Physics Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
2 State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China
3 Center of Materials Science and Optoelectronics Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
4 XIOPM Center for Attosecond Science and Technology, State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi’an, China
The development of high-intensity ultrafast laser facilities provides the possibility to create novel physical phenomena and matter states. The timing fluctuation of the laser pulses is crucial for pump–probe experiments, which is one of the vital means to observe the ultrafast dynamics driven by intense laser pulses. In this paper, we demonstrate the timing fluctuation characterization and control of the front end of a 100-PW laser that is composed of a high-contrast optical parametric amplifier (seed) and a 200-TW optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier (preamplifier). By combining the timing jitter measurement with a feedback system, the laser seed and preamplifier are synchronized to the reference with timing fluctuations of 1.82 and 4.48 fs, respectively. The timing system will be a key prerequisite for the stable operation of 100-PW laser facilities and provide the basis for potential pump–probe experiments performed on the laser.
feedback control high-intensity ultrafast laser timing fluctuation 
High Power Laser Science and Engineering
2023, 11(4): 04000e52
电子科技大学自动化工程学院,四川 成都 611731

时间频率计量 水下频率传递 定时抖动抑制 相位补偿 metrology of time and frequency underwater frequency transfer timing fluctuation suppression phase compensation 
2023, 50(2): 220149

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