Author Affiliations
School of Information and Control Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou 221116, China
Toroidal multipole is a special current distribution that has many different characteristics from electric multipole and magnetic multipole distributions. Because of its special properties, the toroidal dipole is a research hotspot in the field of metamaterials and nanophotonics. However, the low scattering of the toroidal dipole moment makes its excitation a challenging task. At present, there are relatively few studies on its specific engineering applications. In this paper, by slotting in the rectangular cavity, the excitation of an equivalent toroidal dipole is successfully achieved over a wide frequency range of 53–58 GHz. Results indicate that under the action of the toroidal dipole, the TE10 mode electromagnetic waves transmitted in the rectangular waveguide are converted into vector beams and are radiated outwards. Further adjusting the spatial distribution of the magnetic dipoles in the toroidal dipoles yields results that indicate that the resonance mode in the slot is still dominated by the magnetic toroidal dipole moment, and the electromagnetic waves radiating outward are vortex beams carrying vector polarization. The scattered energy of each dipole moment inside the antenna is calculated. This calculation verifies that the mass of the vector beam and vector vortex beam is closely related to the toroidal dipole supported by this antenna. The proposed structure can be applied to explorations in vortex filtering, in photon entanglement, and in the photonic spin Hall effect.
toroidal dipole vector beams vector vortex beams 
Chinese Optics Letters
2024, 22(1): 011601
武汉理工大学理学院,湖北 武汉 430070
物理光学 自旋-轨道耦合 角动量 倏逝波 矢量涡旋光束 高阶庞加莱球 physical optics spin-orbit coupling angular momentum evanescent waves vector vortex beams higher-order Poincaré sphere 
2022, 59(7): 0726001
Author Affiliations
1 Sapienza Università di Roma, Dipartimento di Fisica, Rome, Italy
2 Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Scienze, Rome, Italy
3 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi, Roma, Italy
4 Technische Universität München, Biological Imaging and Center for Translational Cancer Research, Munich, Germany
5 Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Neuherberg, Germany
6 Medical University of Vienna, Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy, Molecular and Gender Imaging Service, Vienna, Austria
7 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Beer Sheva, Israel
Scattering phenomena affect light propagation through any kind of medium from free space to biological tissues. Finding appropriate strategies to increase the robustness to scattering is the common requirement in developing both communication protocols and imaging systems. Recently, structured light has attracted attention due to its seeming scattering resistance in terms of transmissivity and spatial behavior. Moreover, correlation between optical polarization and orbital angular momentum (OAM), which characterizes the so-called vector vortex beams (VVBs) states, seems to allow for the preservation of the polarization pattern. We extend the analysis by investigating both the spatial features and the polarization structure of vectorial optical vortexes propagating in scattering media with different concentrations. Among the observed features, we find a sudden swift decrease in contrast ratio for Gaussian, OAM, and VVB modes for concentrations of the adopted scattering media exceeding 0.09%. Our analysis provides a more general and complete study on the propagation of structured light in dispersive and scattering media.
orbital angular momentum scattering phenomena turbulent media optical polarization vector vortex beams 
Advanced Photonics
2020, 2(3): 036003
武汉理工大学理学院, 湖北 武汉 430070
提出了一种基于马赫-曾德尔干涉仪(MZI)产生高阶庞加莱球上任意矢量涡旋光束的方法。利用半波片和偏振分光棱镜组合调节支路光束振幅, 搭配常用的两个半波片组调节合成光束的相位, 进而生成并变换矢量涡旋光束, 优化了传统的实验光路, 降低了光束能量损耗, 利用1/4波片实现不同高阶庞加莱球上矢量涡旋光束的变换。与现有的基于马赫-曾德尔干涉仪矢量光束生成方法比较, 该光路结构简单, 光束转换效率提高。在理论上, 通过琼斯矩阵计算, 在拓扑荷数为m=±1高阶庞加莱球上得到了各矢量涡旋光束的偏振态。根据该方法搭建了一套矢量涡旋光束产生的实验光路, 实验结果与理论分析一致, 证明了这种方法的实用性。
物理光学 矢量涡旋光束 马赫-曾德尔干涉仪 高阶庞加莱球 physical optics vector vortex beams Mach-Zender interferometer high order Poincare sphere 
2018, 45(1): 0105001
北京航空航天大学电子信息工程学院, 北京 100191
物理光学 光电子学 庞加莱球 琼斯矩阵 矢量涡旋光束 physical optics optoelectronics Poincaré sphere Jones matrix vector vortex beams 
2013, 33(12): 1226001

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