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Feature Issues

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Features Issues List

Issue Title Editors Year Status
Topological Photonics and Beyond Andrea Alu, Jingyun Fan, Laura Pilozzi, and Haitan Xu 2020 call for paper
Perovskite Photonics Qing Zhang, Carole Diederichs, and Qihua Xiong 2020 call for paper
Semiconductor UV Photonics Xiaohang Li, Russell D. Dupuis, and Tim Wernicke 2019 completed
Quantum Photonics Xianmin Jin, M.S. Kim, and Brian J. Smith 2019 completed
Two Dimensional Layered Materials for Ultrafast Lasers (Invitation only) Han Zhang, Qiaoliang Bao, Zhipei Sun 2018 completed
Non-Hermitian Photonics in Complex Media: PT-symmetry and beyond Greg Gbur and Konstantinos Makris 2018 completed
Nonlinear Integrated Photonics: Current Status and Future Trends Eric Cassan, Christian Grillet, David Moss, and Dragomir Neshev 2018 completed
Optical Microcavities Li Ge, Liang Feng, and Harald G. L. Schwefel 2017 completed
Recent Developments in Light-Emitting Diode Technology and Applications Nicolas Grandjean, Mike Krames 2017 completed
Optical Vortices and Vector Beams Paul Urbach, Siyuan Yu, Xiaocong Yuan 2016 completed
Terahertz Photonics: Applications and Techniques Emma Pickwell-MacPherson, Charles Schmuttenmaer 2016 completed
Integrated Photonics: Challenges and Perspectives Daoxin Dai, Di Liang, Liu Liu 2015 completed
Photonics Based on Two Dimensional Materials Han Zhang, Zhipei Sun, Jun Wang 2015 completed
Microwave Photonics Jianping Yao, Jose Capmany, Kun Xu 2014 completed
Group IV Photonics Jurgen Michel, Marco Romagnoli, Hon Tsang, Koji Yamada 2014 completed